CMCC Newsletter 08/2013
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Let’s be prepared. Considering geohazards in the framework of climate change

“Sometimes societies are not ready to cope with these climate extremes and impacts” Nadim Farrokh (Director IGC, NGI, Norway) talks about risks associated with climate change. An interview by Climate Science and Policy […]

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Heavy precipitation events in a warmer climate

The Mediterranean region will experience more extreme rainfall in the future due to climate change. A new study on Journal of Climate by CMCC researchers E. Scoccimarro, S. Gualdi, A. Bellucci, M. Zampieri and A. Navarra from SERC Division […]

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Climate and security: new perspectives on addressing climate change

Water scarcity, natural resources and international conflicts. That’s why the climate is not a merely environmental issue. Angela Liberatore opened the SISC Annual Conference […]


New tools for biodiversity monitoring

Environmental stratifications as the basis for observing and checking over habitats, ecological indicators, biodiversity and climate change. A new study on Ecological Indicators […]

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Projections of evolution for ocean ecosystems

How could warming, acidification, deoxygenation and changes in primary productivity by marine phytoplankton could evolve in the future while affecting our oceans and seas. A new study on Biogeosciences Discussions […]

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Tropical rainforests and N2O emissions, a new study on Biogeosciences

An assessment of the annual budget of NO2 emissions over 19 months in Ghana, at National Park of Ankasa. Some researchers from IAFENT Division involved in the study […]

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The 2013 ICCG Best Climate Practices Award goes to New York

Prof. Carlo Carraro awards the NYC Mayor Mr. Bloomberg for the New York City’s Special Initiative for Rebuilding and Resiliency, the initiative that aims to transform the city into a highly resilient urban space with respect to all expected climate impacts and in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy […]

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Future and present of operational oceanography at next TESSA workshop

Observations, forecasts and services for safer navigation and proper marine management: TESSA presents to its potential users the services and products realized in the framework of the project […]

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The CMCC is partner of the Think Forward Film Festival

Feature and short films, meetings, insights, side events and a rich program for schools. Take your chance and submit your entry for TFFF by October 25th 2013. Preview and deadlines of the TFFF - 3rd edition, the film festival on climate change and renewable energy organized on December 6th-7th, 2013, in Venice […]


IAFENT researchers awarded for the poster "A Multicriteria Approach for Wildfire Risk Assessment  in the Rural Urban Interface"

The poster by F. Casula, C. Sirca, I. Cherchi, D. Spano was presented at the conference “Vulnerability to forest fire at wildland-urban interfaces” in Aix en Provence, France […]

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Live from the Ocean Lab, on "Sapere" magazine

Innovative products and services to support safer maritime traffic and the reduction of pollution hazard, environmental information and meteo-oceanographic measurements. The research of the CMCC's operational oceanography lab, based in Lecce, on the October issue […]

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