CMCC Newsletter 08/2016

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Floods risk under a changing climate

Extreme weather events are expected to increase the damaging effect of storms and floods. In order to analyze the effect of climate change on pluvial flood risk, a study recently published describes a regional risk assessment methodology applied to the municipality of Venice. User-oriented risk maps and a bottom-up approach taking into account the requests, knowledge and perspectives of local stakeholders of the North Adriatic region […]

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Climate change and agricultural losses: what role for insurance?

Extreme weather events, coupled with vulnerable and exposed socioeconomic systems, can lead to significant negative economic impacts, particularly in the agriculture sector. These weather-related disasters are costly to prevent – and costly to recover from. Carlo Carraro explores the role of the agricultural insurance, as a heterogeneous instrument that eases post-disaster recovery […]

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Safe and efficient navigation in the Mediterranean Sea

How to find the best nautical routes to sail in the Mare Nostrum? The answer is VISIR, a system developed thanks to the collaboration between advanced research and users. Designed for various kinds of both motor- and sailboats, the system is now available online and as a mobile application on Google Play and Apple Store. Two studies recently published describe its features, functionalities and the science at its basis


G20: key step forward as US and China agree to ratify Paris climate deal

Presidents Obama and Xi ratified the Paris Agreement on climate at G20. At the moment, 26 Parties, accounting for about 39% of global GHG emissions, have ratified of 197 Parties to the Convention […]

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Develop

Citizens Climate Pledge encourages citizens around the globe to make personal contributions to climate action

Global Citizens Climate Pledge announced. By signing the pledge, global citizens can show their concern about the serious risk that climate change poses for present and future generations, and commit to take personal action […]

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IV Annual Conference - Climate challenges and solutions under the 2°C target

The main Italian Research Institutes on Climate Change involved in the scientific program. Parallel sessions to foster the scientific debate among scientists, policy and decision makers (Italians and foreigners), NGOs members and other stakeholders whose activities are focused on climate change. A keynote lecture on programs and strategies to bridge Paris Agreement into action. Poster sessions for a dynamic debate on the latest research projects on the multidisciplinary dimension of climate change studies […]

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European Committee of Regions local events: next dates in Cagliari, Rome and Catania

Three public events to engage citizens in a two-way communication on EU issues, giving voice to the interests and expectations of EU territories […]

EPP Group in the CoR

Ciak4change: cinema, science and climate change

Exploring the changing climate through the cinema: videos and short films on climate change along with presentations and comments. A mix of entertainment and science that aims at encouraging questions and interaction with the public to be presented during two events in Venice and Milan, on September 30th, and on October 4th, 2016, respectively […]


Addressing the under 2°C target: regional experiences and good practices

An event organized in the framework of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) local events "Let's talk about Europe" to present and discuss the role of regions and cities in implementing the Paris agreement on climate change while fostering citizens’ dialogue on climate change related policies and initiatives. On October 21st, 2016, in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy […]

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