CMCC Newsletter 09/2014
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Hidden hunger and the carbon dioxide effect on nutritional values of food

A study on Nature underlies an unexpected event: high CO2 levels decrease the concentrations of zinc, iron and proteins in the most important food crops. A conversation with Samuel Myers […]

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Land grabbing: water, energy and food security

It's a matter of human rights and a source of concern. A conversation with Marta Antonelli on large-scale land acquisitions […]

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Extreme weather driving countries to adapt to climate change

They are the most common reasons for including climate change and its impacts in the political agenda. From European Environment Agency the most updated and comprehensive report on adaptation to climate change in Europe


FEEM-ICCG Joint Seminar: “Coupling remote sensing, statistics and dynamic modelling for an advanced assessment of urban heat island effects in European Cities”

City research has a tradition since more than 100 years. While the most of past city assessments are case studies focusing on specific […]

Effects of climate change on landslides: the Orvieto case study

A detailed analysis of local rainfall history and of monitoring data coupled to high-resolution climate projections provided by the Regional Climate Model COSMO-CLM for two different emission scenarios. A study on Procedia Earth and Planetary Science […]

Credits: CC HerryLawford

Planning Bologna as a smart City at the BLUE AP project second meeting

How to make our cities more resilient and able to meet the climate change challenges? This is the question addressed by BLUE AP project, space of discussion to underline measures and action for urban adaptation strategies. With the contribution of CMCC that's leading the Scientific Committee […]


The hydrological behaviour of volcanic covers

A study investigating the hydrological response of a volcanic silty-sand involved in the Nocera Inferiore flowslide occurred in 2005 while highlighting the main factors inducing landslides. A new study on Procedia Earth and Planetary Science […]

CC NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

The role of land in climate and human dynamics: a review of major modelling approaches

A detailed overview of the most representative and advanced methods and models developed to represent climate–human–land interactions. A critical discussion about missing knowledge and areas for future research. A new paper on Land […]

Credits: CC terry.1953

Energy from waste: generation potential and mitigation opportunity

A macroeconomic assessment of the role of waste incineration with energy recovery (WtE) and controlled landfill biogas to electricity generation and their potential contribution to a CO2 emission reduction policy. A new CMCC research paper […]

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Gulf of Taranto under observation: the new oceanographic campaign launched

The CMCC takes part in the new oceanographic campaign which will measure physics parameter and currents data in the Gulf of Taranto and Mar Grande […]

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Climate change is the protagonist in Venice: strategies, risks and impacts at the SISC Conference

The scientific community meets in Venice to take stock of progress on climate science