CMCC Newsletter 09/2015
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The IPCC at a crossroads: opportunities for reform

Carlo Carraro co-authored an article in the journal Science on the future of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change […]

Credits: CC dsmoljanovic

Rome 2015 – Science Symposium on Climate

An unprecedented event to share and discuss up-to-date knowledge on climate: a trans-disciplinary approach to overcome the traditional borders between scientific disciplines and to comprehensively address one of the most important issue of our times. Hosted by FAO in Rome, November 19-20, 2015 […]


Climate change impacts on marine water quality: the case study of the Northern Adriatic sea

Salinity and temperature variation will be the main drivers of changes, together with macronutrients, especially in the area of the Po’ river delta. A Regional Risk Assessment methodology to assess future impacts presented […]

Credits: CC ahisgett

Simulations with regional climate model COSMO-CLM

The performance evaluation of different model configurations in representing the different climate regimes presented in the Middle East-North Africa domain. A paper on Meteorology and Athmospheric Physics

Credits: CC wonker

New project integrates climate and development research

A new grant from the European Union Horizon 2020 funding initiative links climate mitigation and adaptation policies with broader sustainable development questions at a global and regional level

Credits: CC Lollie-Pop

All the impacts of floods

A methodology developed by CMCC researchers L. Carrera, G. Standardi, F. Bosello and J. Mysiak to assess direct and indirect economic impacts of a flood event […]

Credits: CC amirjina

Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction: success or warning sign for Paris?

The agreed commitments and targets of the international blueprint adopted in Sendai, Japan, as well as its implications for the later UN-led negotiations on sustainable development goals and climate change, reviewed and discussed. A study on Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences

Credits: CC Tex Texin

A model to simulate forest dynamics

The validation of 3D-CMCC Forest Ecosystem Model (v.5.1) in simulating gross primary production for ten European forest sites. A new study on Geoscientific Model Development […]

Credits: CC scotbot

Slope Safety preparedness for effects of climate changes

A unique opportunity for reviewing and consolidating the state of practice in relation to slope safety preparedness for climate change effects, knowledge sharing and transfer, strategic discussion of pertinent issues. Napoli - November 17 / 18, 2015 […]