CMCC Newsletter 10/2017
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The CMCC at the UN Climate Conference COP23 in Bonn

Decarbonization pathways, Loss & Damage, the evaluation of nationally determined contributions’ emission reduction, and the perspective of a green growth under the Paris Agreement. Side events and debate with CMCC at COP23 in Bonn […]


NYT’s Answers to Your Questions on Climate Change

Don't get discouraged when talking about climate change. 17 straightforward answers to complex questions will help you. […]


Climathon 2017: what happened in Lecce, Venice, Sassari and Bologna

Coastal erosion and sustainable development of the seaside in Lecce, art and science in dialogue to address sea level rise in Venice, green infrastructures to enhance urban resilience to climate change in Sassari, Copernicus data for developing green and blue urban networks in Bologna. The challenges and solutions awarded in the Climathon events organized or supported by the CMCC Foundation […]

Credits: Claudia De Blasi

Preparing Europe for climate change: coordination is key to reduce risks posed by extreme weather

Increasing coherence in actions and using innovative methods can improve the handling of weather- and climate-related hazards, according to a report by the European Environment Agency (EEA) published today […]

Credits: CC S. Rae

Climate, agriculture, migration: scientific results and possible scenarios

Food security, migrant emergency and climate induced displacement, with a focus on the current situation in Africa and in the Mediterranean area. Prof. Riccardo Valentini takes part to the conference organized by CNR with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers while attending the round-table focused on how to contribute to the success of the Paris Agreement […]

Credits: CC DFAT photo library

Agriculture: the mitigation potential of trees on farms

How can we monitor the extent of trees on farms globally and their relevance across different regions? A study of CMCC researcher Antonio Trabucco explores the role of trees on agricultural land and their significance for carbon sequestration at a global level, along with recent change trends […]

Credits: CC Steve Corey

New frontiers of high performance computing for climate change studies

High computational requirements for a new generation of high resolution climate models. The potential of parallel architectures to reduce the execution time, as shown in this recent work of CMCC researcher Silvia Mocavero […]

Credits: CC SandiaLabs

Climate services: climate, health and urban planning: the test case of Prato

The CMCC at work to evaluate the effects of heat waves on population health between now and 2050 in the Tuscan municipality […]


Climate change: the challenge of resilient cities

How will our future cities look? In Bologna, an event to discuss about the future of our cities and their ability to adapt to the new climate scenarios expected to have an increasing influence on health, wealth and quality of life of their inhabitants. With the participation of the CMCC experts Paola Mercogliano and Sergio Castellari […]

Credits: CC Lorenzoclick

Science for Disaster Risk Management 2017: knowing more and losing less

How much do we know about natural and man-made disasters? And how we can use existing knowledge to save lives and money? The state-of-the-art in disaster risk management in a comprehensive report of the European Commission's Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre. Among the authors, CMCC researchers Jaroslav Mysiak, Dionisio Peréz Blanco and Elisa Calliari of RAAS - Risk assessment and adaptation strategies Division […]

CC DIFID - UK Dept. for Int. Devpt.

Expert Workshop on Social Sciences and Humanities in Climate Services Research

An event organized in the framework of the JPI Climate project aimed at initiating a dialogue with the European Social Sciences and Humanities community to elicit their expert recommendations. In Venice, in cooperation with the CMCC Foundation […]

Credits: CC szeke