CMCC Newsletter 11/2014 - What happened in Lima?
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From Lima to Paris 2015: challenges on the road to 2°C

From Lima to Paris: a lot is yet to be done, but there also are important steps forward. In “Nature Climate Change”, the outcomes of a research coordinated by Massimo Tavoni […]


A different view on COP 20

Carlo Carraro comments the outcomes of the COP20 in this post taken from his blog: "The emphasis on emission reductions somehow obscures the real issue at the core of the COP 20 negotiations (that will be at the core of COP 21 as well)". […]

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COP20, a positive step forward or a skirmish before the real battle?

Is it the rising success of the soft diplomacy? Is it a weak and useless compromise? The final agreement in Lima received different – sometime opposite – analyses in the comments of some relevant international media. […]

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Climate talks: what was agreed in Lima

As expected, the 20th session of the Conference of the Parties in Lima wrapped up with a compromise text, a road map pushing for 2015 deal in Paris

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Think Forward Film Festival, your consumption impact your ecosystem

The 4th edition of the Film Festival on climate change and renewable energy is going to start, with a special focus on our consumption choices and an invitation to be responsible for the Planet. On 12th and 13th December, in Venice, the "seventh art" tells the climate changing and the challenges we'll have to face in the future […]


Global technology for climate policy strategies

An inter-comparison of 18 energy-economy and integrated assessment models. The importance of individual mitigation options such as energy intensity improvements, carbon capture and storage (CCS), nuclear power, solar and wind power and bioenergy. All the results from the Stanford Energy Modeling Forum Study 27, in a paper on Climatic Change […]

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Safe navigation in the Mediterranean sea

Discover how works VISIR, the ship routing system designed and developed by the TESSA project. Watch the video and follow the instructions […]


Safer routes: a video of the IONIO project

A video tutorial to present the SRS - DSS of the IONIO project while illustrating how the system works and how route requests can be submitted and displayed on its web interface. Watch the video […]


First step for a global network for improving regional climate change adaptation and impact assessment

Climate modelers, satellite observation experts and the climate change impacts researchers met at the first CORDEX MENA - CA meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus, on 27-28 November 2014. Among the participants, CMCC researcher E. Bucchignani […]

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