CMCC Newsletter 12/2014
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CMCC scientific papers

An overview of the latest papers published by CMCC researchers in peer reviewed journals

Hurricanes and climate: understanding and predicting dynamics and trend

The relationship between climate and tropical cyclone formation, the characteristics of tropical cyclones in high-resolution models in the present and their activity in the future. Three new papers make the point

CC NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

Global technology for climate policy strategies

An inter-comparison of 18 energy-economy and integrated assessment models. The importance of individual mitigation options such as energy intensity improvements, carbon capture and storage (CCS), nuclear power, solar and wind power and bioenergy. All the results from the Stanford Energy Modeling Forum Study 27, in a paper on Climatic Change […]

Credits: CC JF Marrero

LiDAR data for tropical forest biomass estimation

Above ground biomass estimation and basal area in an African tropical forest in south-western Ghana, a complex forest structure with a high degree of variability in terms of biomass, for improving forestry management and protection while moving towards monitoring forest resources from space-borne sensors. A new study on Remote Sensing […]

Credits: CC Andreas Kay

The regional climate change impacts on La Plata Basin

An assessment of its precipitation variability in spring: role of remote SST forcing as simulated by GCM experiments. A study on Climate Dynamics […]

Credits: CC eutrophication&hypoxia

Hydrological simulations and climate scenarios at the basin scale in the Po river, Italy

Variation in discharge in Po river and simulations of its flow from 1971 to 2000. A new paper on the "Red Books" series of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) […]

Credits: CC BORGHY52

The hydrological behaviour of volcanic covers

A study investigating the hydrological response of a volcanic silty-sand involved in the Nocera Inferiore flowslide occurred in 2005 while highlighting the main factors inducing landslides. A new study on Procedia Earth and Planetary Science […]

CC NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

Effects of climate change on landslides: the Orvieto case study

A detailed analysis of local rainfall history and of monitoring data coupled to high-resolution climate projections provided by the Regional Climate Model COSMO-CLM for two different emission scenarios. A study on Procedia Earth and Planetary Science […]

Credits: CC HerryLawford

Regional climate modeling over China with COSMO-CLM: performance assessment and climate projections

An assessment of the capabilities of COSMO-CLM to describe the climate of China in the recent past. Climate projections, under the new IPCC RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 emission scenarios, show a significant warming expected in China over the 21st century, while precipitation changes are expected only on a regional scale. A study on Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres […]

Credits: CC mckaysavage

Climate change: earlier spring discharge in the main Alpine rivers

A comparison of long-term spring discharge timings over the Alps, analysis of precipitation, and snow-melting data derived from observations. A new study on Science of The Total Environment […]

Credits: CC kuhnmi

The imprint of monsoons over the Mediterranean

The effect of South Asian Summer Monsoon on the Eastern Mediterranean Climate. The large-scale teleconnection between rising and subsiding air masses that is referred to as the “monsoon–desert mechanism" represented by models. A new study on Journal of Climate

Credits: CC marcia.taylor

Natural gas and climate policy

It is one of the reasons for the recent decline in US emissions. Can it also have an impact on global emissions? A paper by a team of scientists, including Massimo Tavoni and Giacomo Marangoni, published in Nature. […]

CC by Fletcher6 at Wikimedia Commons