CMCC Newsletter 02/2015
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A climatologist’s chronicles from K2

Mixed feeling and thoughts while climbing K2. CMCC researcher Panos Athanasiadis tells his experience on Climate Science and Policy […]

Credits: Photo by Panos Athanasiadis

New frontiers on climate predictions

Recent progress in the understanding the contribute of sea-ice, land surface, stratosphere and aerosols to decadal scale predictability. A paper on Reviews of Geophysics; A. Bellucci and S. Materia among the authors […]

Picture by NASA

Energy intensity trends: structural change or technology improvement?

An analysis on Energy Economics attributing efficiency changes to either changes in technology or changes in the structure of the economy while studying trends in global energy intensity, with a focus on sectoral and regional differences […]

Credits: CC naturalflow

Assessing North Atlantic tropical cyclone tracks and evolution

The evaluation of the ability of recent climate models to represent North Atlantic tropical cyclone tracks while using three different idealized scenarios to examine their possible future changes under different conditions. A new study on Journal of Climate […]

CC NASA Goddard Space Photo and Video

Floods: new tools and strategies

A Regional Risk Assessment methodology for water-related natural hazards developed in the framework of the KULTURisk Project. A flexible approach for different case studies, such as plain rivers, mountain torrents, urban and coastal areas, and different spatial scales. A new study on Hydrology and Hearth System Sciences […]

Credits: CC United Nations Photo

Global think tank ranking. CMCC featured again as one of the best worldwide

An analysis about research activities, influence, reliability of top think tanks in the world. The Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change shows a good positioning while featuring as one of the best worldwide and the first Italian think tank in the special annual ranking realized by the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program of the University of Pennsylvania


IAERE Third Annual Conference

The Conference will be held at the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Padua from 20 to 21 February 2015 […]


Research Papers, the series edited by CMCC

Climate change impacts on energy demand, the role of income stabilization insurance in EU agriculture, private and public actors in power sector innovation, high resolution climate scenarios on Mediterranean test case areas for the hydro-climate integrated system, an analysis of Loss & Damage.
These are only few of the topics od the latest CMCC Research Papers: have a look at the full list of paper published online