CMCC Newsletter 11/2013
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Science story hunters: the future of journalism and reporting

Tim Radford, former science editor for the Guardian, on how to shape science facts into narratives, focusing on climate change media reporting. From the magazine Climate Science & Policy

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Biofuels: the lesson from Jatropha

Global greenhouse gas implications of land conversion to biofuel crop cultivation in arid and semi-arid lands. A new study on Journal of Arid Environments […]

Credits: CC CIFOR

Wildfire risk in the Mediterranean area, a new study on Natural Hazards

The spatio-temporal changes in fire regime and exposure in Sardinia, Italy. Some IAFENT researchers involved in the study […]

Credits: CC Ervins Strauhmanis

Data and models for Po river studying

Variation in discharge, precipitation, temperature in Po river and simulations of its flow from 1971 to 2000. Two new research papers by ISC Division […]

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A simulation over the Mediterranean region

A picture of the present climate of the Mediterranean area. An assessment of COSMO-CLM performances carried out comparing the model output with the E-OBS observational dataset, in a new research paper by Myriam Montesarchio and Paola Mercogliano (ISC Division) […]

Credits: CC Nouhailler

Be The Movement: boosting the discussion on global climate change

More than 500 participants attended the workshop to identify new strategies to expand action on climate change. Among the speakers, the CMCC President Antonio Navarra […]


CMCC Annual Report 2012

Graphics, charts, numbers and maps: CMCC scientific productivity, the achievement of results in different fields.
An overview of the activities carried out by the Center in the 2012 available for download. […]