Alacevich Caterina

Via Bergognone, 34 – 20144 Milano (MI)

Caterina is an affiliated Junior Scientist at EIEE and a Researcher in Economics at the University of Oxford. She holds a Ph.D. in economics from Università Cattolica (Milan) and she previously worked as a Postdoc at Pompeu Fabra University and Ratio. Her research interests are at the intersection of environmental economics and policy evaluation, public health, and human capital. Combining data-driven microeconometric and causal inference methodologies, she focuses on spillovers, heterogeneous effects, and equality. At EIEE, she collaborates on the 2D4D Disruptive Digitalization for Decarbonization project. Her current projects analyze local environmental and resource conservation policies,  health disparities, and the impact of migration and digitalization on workers, skills, and the future of work.



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