Banerjee Deep Sankar

via C. Berti Pichat 6/2 - 40127 Bologna, Italy

(+39) 051 0301600

Deep has experience in working with Variational and Ensemble Data Assimilation System (3DVAR and LETKF) in Global and Regional Numerical Ocean Models in High Performance Computing Environment. He is also expertised in automating Model-Data Assimilation setup in analysis and forecast mode. Also, he has worked in formulating and implementing the Dynamical Observation Error Covariance (Representational Error) for a Data Assimilation System.

Currently he is working on the production of the Global Reanalysis within the framework of GLORAN.

Impact of dynamical representational errors on an Indian Ocean ensemble data assimilation system, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society (QJRMS), August, 2019.

‘Ensemble based Regional ocean data assimilation system for the Indian Ocean: Implementation and Evaluation’​, Journal of Ocean Modelling, November, 2019


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