Grieco Elisa

Viale Trieste 127, 01100 Viterbo, Italy

+39 0761 309587

Elisa Grieco has a PhD in Forest Ecology and is graduated in Forest and Environmental Science.
She is currently working in the coordination office of ClimAfrica project and she is also involved in Africa GHG project for deforestation assessment and field data collection to validate LIDAR data. Her field of experience is mainly focused on land use change, deforestation and carbon stock dynamics in African rain forest areas and REDD+ related issues.
Over the past 6 years she dealt first with GHGs emission assessment for CDM Small Scale Afforestation/Reforestation agroforestry project with main field experience in selecting eligible sites, assessing local participation and estimating carbon credits for a feasibility study in Northern Ghana. Then she worked in CARBOAFRICA project for the installation Eddy Covariance Flux Tower in the Ankasa Conservation Area (Ghana) and following sampling, collecting and analyzing ecological data.
For her PhD thesis she worked in the rain forest area of Ankasa in the South-Western part of Ghana for analyzing the dynamic of carbon stock after deforestation and the impact of land use change at the light of REDD+ mechanism.


  • Towards a feasible and representative pan-African research infrastructure network for GHG observations
  • Thinning can reduce losses in carbon use efficiency and carbon stocks in managed forests under warmer climate
  • Does degradation from selective logging and illegal activities differently impact forest resources? A case study in Ghana
  • A full greenhouse gases budget of Africa: synthesis, uncertainties, and vulnerabilities
  • Effect of the replacement of tropical forests with tree plantations on soil organic carbon levels in the Jomoro district, Ghana
  • An outlook on the Sub-Saharan Africa carbon balance
  • The role of soil in storing carbon in tropical rainforests: The case of Ankasa Park, Ghana

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