Villani Veronica

via Thomas Alva Edison s.n.c. - 81100 Caserta (CE), Italy

On March 2014, she took a Master Degree in Mathematics by vote 110/110 and honors at the Second University of Naples of Caserta.
She developed the thesis work in collaboration with the Italian Aerospace Research Centre (CIRA) about stochastic models for the disaggregation of precipitation at sub-daily scale and parameter identification through global optimization tecniques.
She is currently involved in research activities of the Division Impacts on Soil and Coasts (ISC – Capua). In particular, she focusing on estimates of the subdaily precipitation, under the effect of Climate Changes, through disaggregation techniques and adoption of bias correction techniques for impact models.


  • Past and future hydrogeological risk assessment under climate change conditions over urban settlements and infrastructure systems: the case of a sub‑regional area of Piedmont, Italy
  • RP0263 - Evaluation of downscaling and bias correction techniques to link climate and geo-hydrological impacts models
  • RP0262 - Climate data processing with GIS support: description of Bias Correction and Temporal Downscaling tools implemented in Clime software
  • RP0257 - Clime: climate data processing in GIS environment
  • RP0257 - Clime: climate data processing in GIS environment
  • RP0256 - Stochastic models for the disaggregation of precipitation time series on sub-daily scale: identification of parameters by global optimization
  • Statistical approaches versus weather generator to downscale RCM outputs to slope scale for stability assessment: a comparison of performances

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