Zollo Alessandra Lucia

via Maiorise I-81043 Capua (CE), Italy

+39 0823 623162

Master degree in Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Sannio in Benevento in 2011.
She performed a thesis work in collaboration with CIRA (Italian Aerospace Research Center) on the use of satellite data in the implementation of rainfall forecasting techniques in the nowcasting range.
In the context of this activity she gained experiences in the treatment of satellite data. 
She has developed rainfall nowcasting algorithms that can be used for to the prevention of hydrogeological risks like flash floods and landslides triggered by intense precipitation.
She is involved in research activities of ISC Division (Impact on Soil and Coasts) of CMCC.
In particular, she handles the analysis of climate simulations and she performs bias correction and downscaling of results.


  • A risk assessment framework for irrigated agriculture under climate change
  • Evaluation of regional COSMO-CLM climate simulations over the Eastern Mediterranean for the period 1979–2011
  • Extreme weather events over China: assessment of COSMO CLM simulations and future scenarios
  • Simulations of quantitative shift in bio-climatic indices in the viticultural areas of Trentino (Italian Alps) by an open source R package
  • MATISSE: an ArcGIS tool for monitoring and nowcasting meteorological hazards
  • RP0262 - Climate data processing with GIS support: description of Bias Correction and Temporal Downscaling tools implemented in Clime software
  • Extreme temperature and precipitation events over Italy: assessment of high-resolution simulations with COSMO-CLM and future scenarios
  • High-resolution climate simulations with COSMO-CLM over Italy: performance evaluation and climate projections for the 21st century
  • Hydrological simulation of Po River (North Italy) discharge under climate change scenarios using the RCM COSMO-CLM
  • Statistical approaches versus weather generator to downscale RCM outputs to slope scale for stability assessment: a comparison of performances

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