CMCC is involved in numerous initiatives at the regional, national and international levels, which aim to inform and facilitate discussions between scientists, policymakers and the civil society to provide support for decisions that will benefit both the society and environment.

CMCC provides scientific support to define national and regional policies and strategies concerning both greenhouse gas emission mitigation and adaptation to climate change. CMCC also participates in international negotiations regarding climate change.

Climate models developed and used by CMCC allow the production of probability assessments of future risks related to climate change and the impacts of extreme events on ecosystems and socio-economic systems.

The studies and analyses carried out at CMCC also focus on the possible effects that different strategies have on adaptation and mitigation, highlighting the costs and benefits (both for the society and environment) regarding different choices in multiple scenarios.

Specifically, CMCC addresses policymakers and institutional figures by creating and developing a range of tools and activities, including the following:

  • Qualitative and quantitative studies to support decisions on strategic planning, policy development, mitigation and adaptation policies;
  • Tools to support difficult decisions regarding the impacts and risks associated with climate change (Decision Support System – DSS), computerized systems facilitating strategic decisions in the face of complex problems by means a more effective analysis;
  • Networking activities to develop national and international partnerships and to create synergies with major research institutions and policymakers at the global level;
  • Training programs for policymakers to help further their knowledge related to both climate change testing instruments (economic, technological, financial) and alternative models of governance
  • Monitoring the main initiatives at both the national and international levels regarding climate change assessment policies and related forms of governance
  • Production and distribution of publications that aim to update the public on the following topics: recent decisions of international organizations, market trends related to carbon emissions, legislative initiatives of national, regional and international institutions, and the relevant issues driving the public debate on climate change.
    Publications targeted to policy-makers and public institutions include: Climate Policy News (a weekly column with updates on climate policy, energy markets and technologies), International Climate Policy updates on the Carbon Market (a bi-monthly report with news and commentary on international climate negotiations, national climate policies, and recent research on climate economics), Climate Science & Policy (a digital magazine published by CMCC with articles, interviews and editorials, which provides the public with the opinions and insights of international experts on climate change).

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