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Synergies in Operational Oceanography: The Intrinsic Need for Sustained Ocean Observations

Davidson F., Alvera-Azcárate A., Barth A., Brassington G. B., Chassignet E. P., Clementi E., Davidson F., Alvera-Azcárate A., Barth A., BrassingtDe Mey-Frémaux P., Divakaran P., Harris C., Hernández F., Hogan P., Hole L. R., Holt J., Liu G., Lu Y., Lorente P., Maksymczuk J., Martin M., Mehra A., Melsom A., Mo H., Moore A., Oddo P., Pascual A., Pequignet A.C., Kourafalou V., Ryan A., Siddorn J., Smith G., Spindler D., Spindler T., Stanev E., Staneva J., Storto A., Tanajura C., Vinayachandran P., Wan L., Wang H., Zhang Y., Zhu, Ziqing Zu X.
2019, Frontiers in Marine Science, Volume 6, DOI:, web page

ODA - Ocean modeling and Data Assimilation

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