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GIS analysis for defining sea level rise effects on Sicily coasts for the end of the 21 st century

Alcaras E., Mercogliano P., Morale D., Parente C.
2023, 2023 IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for the Sea; Learning to Measure Sea Health Parameters (MetroSea)., La Valletta, Malta, 2023, pp. 62-66,, DOI: doi: 10.1109/MetroSea58055.2023.10317319., web page

A Comparative Performance Study of WRF, COSMO and ICON Atmospheric Models for the Italian Peninsula at Very High Resolution

Manco I., De Lucia C., Repola F., Fedele G., Mercogliano P.
2023, Tethys . Journal of Mediterranean Meteorology & Climatology, 20, 1-20, DOI: 10.3369/tethys.2023.20.01, web page

The climate change response of alpine-mediterranean heavy precipitation events

Muller S.K., Pichelli E., Coppola E., Berthou S., Brenen S., Caillaud C., Demony M.E., Bobler A., Feldmann H., Mercogliano P., Tolle M., De Vries H.
2023, Climate Dynamics, DOI:, web page

Survey of land cover datasets for updating the imperviousness field in urban parameterisation scheme TERRA_URB for climate and weather applications

Apreda C., Schulz J.-P.,Reder A., Mercogliano P.
2023, Urban Climate, 42, 101535, DOI:, web page

Investigating the Representation of Heatwaves from an Ensemble of Km-scale Regional Climate Simulations within CORDEX-FPS Convection

Sangelantoni L., Sobolowski S., Lorenz T., Hodnebrog Ø., Cardoso R. M., Soares P., Ferretti R., Lavín-Gullón A., Fernandez J., Goergen K., Milovac J., Katragkou E., Kartsios S., Coppola E., Pichelli E., Adinolfi M., Mercogliano P., Berthou S., de Vries H., Dobler A., Belušić D., Feldmann H., Tölle M., Bastin S.
2023, Climate Dynamics, DOI:, web page

“Application of climate risk assessment framework for selected Italian airports: A focus on extreme temperature events “

De Vivo C., Barbato G., Ellena M., Capozzi V., Budillon G.,Mercogliano P.
2023, Climate Services, 30, 2023, 100390, DOI:, web page

Investigation on potential and limitations of ERA5 Reanalysis downscaled on Italy by a convection-permitting model

Adinolfi M., Raffa M., Reder A., Mercogliano P.
2023, Climate Dynamics, DOI: 10.1007/s00382-023-06803-w, web page

Climate-Risk Assessment Framework for Airports under Extreme Precipitation Events: Application to Selected Italian Case Studies

De Vivo C., Barbato G., Ellena M., Capozzi V., Budillon G.Mercogliano P.
2023, Sustainability, 15, 7300, DOI:, web page

Very High Resolution Projections over Italy under different CMIP5 IPCC scenarios

Raffa M., Adinolfi M., Reder A., Marras G.F.Mancini M., Scipione G. Santini M., Mercogliano P.
2023, Scientific Data, DOI:, web page

Micro-scale UHI risk assessment on the heat-health nexus within cities by looking at socio-economic factors and built environment characteristics: The Turin case study (Italy)

Ellena M., Melis G., Zengarini N., Di Gangi E., Ricciardia G.,Mercogliano P., Costa G.
2023, Urban Climate, 49, DOI:, web page

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