Software to manage climate data, used in several national and international projects and scientific publications for the realization of post processing analysis of a wide range of users: explore the software designed and developed by the CMCC Foundation.


CLIME is a software, developed in GIS environment, with the main goal to manage climate data, link climate and impact studies and assist a wide range of users.


A free mobile App for fire notifications developed by the CMCC Foundation in the framework of the project OFIDIA 2 – Operational FIre Danger prevention plAtform 2. A Citizen Science experiment whose main goal is to fight fire hazard by raising collective awareness about fire danger.

The ESGF Dashboard

One of the largest-ever collaborative data efforts in Earth system science that develops, deploys and maintains software to facilitate advancements in geophysical science.


A CMCC research project addressing big data challenges for eScience. It provides support for data-intensive analysis exploiting advanced parallel computing techniques and smart data distribution methods.

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