Strategic Council

The Strategic Council has a function of strategic direction and supervision. It is composed of the Scientific Coordinators of CMCC, who have been in the past Heads of Division, but no longer have operational responsibilities. They can therefore contribute to the definition of scientific strategies and the identification of new subject areas and problems, contributing with their experience, creativity and international network of relations. The Council is appointed by the Board of Directors and identifies its coordinator from within. The Council may invite to its meetings other experts who can make a contribution to the discussion. One of the main tasks of the Strategic Council is to define on a three-year basis CMCC’s Strategic Projects.

Strategic Council Members
Prof. Giovanni Aloisio
Prof. Carlo Carraro
Dr. Alessandro Lanza
Prof. Antonio Marcomini

Dr. Antonio Navarra
Prof. Nadia Pinardi
Dr. Pasquale Schiano
Prof. Donatella Spano
Prof. Riccardo Valentini

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