Students and Young Scientists

CMCC offers opportunities for advanced training including seminars and workshops, doctoral programs as well as summer and winter school programs, which host Italian and foreign students and researchers which can have a training experience in contact with highly qualified teachers.

CMCC’s educational programs are characterized by a great number of international students and teachers, and a high-quality training guaranteed by the successful collaboration of CMCC with institutions, universities and world-class experts in the field of climate science.

CMCC addresses students and young researchers with a range of activities that include:

  • Doctoral Program: Global Change Science and Policy (ChangeS);
  • Summer and Winter Schools;
  • A series of publications that include:
    Research Papers (a series of scientific articles, which discuss CMCC research results)
    Articles in refereed journals (scientific publications produced by CMCC authors, which come from the Center’s collaborations with other international research centers. These articles are published in journals listed in the Journal Citation Report – CJR
    Climate Policy News (a weekly column with updates on climate policy, energy markets and technologies)
    International Climate Policy updates on the Carbon Market (a bi-monthly report with news and commentary on international climate negotiations, national climate policies, and recent research on climate economics)
    Climate Science & Policy (a digital magazine published by CMCC with articles, interviews and editorials, which provides the public with the opinions and insights of international experts on climate change).
  • Events which can be exclusively devoted to a specialized public and the scientific community (such as workshops, seminars, meetings). They can also be open to a wider audience (conferences and meetings with international speakers)
  • Job opportunities, a section of CMCC’s website is dedicated to advertising job opportunities at the Center as well as to collecting CVs of job-seeking researchers

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