Sea ice algal evolution in a warmer Arctic

The Arctic sea-ice decline is among the most emblematic manifestations of climate change and is occurring before we understand its ecological consequences. The future changes in algal productivity investigated in a study just published on Science Advances, a collaboration between the Finnish Environment Institute, the University of Cape Town and the CMCC Foundation. Among the authors, CMCC researcher Enrico Scoccimarro […]

Arctic: winners and losers of the last frontier race

Interview with Marzio Mian, journalist and author of the book “Artico.La battaglia per il Grande Nord”, about the deep transformations occurring across the Arctic Circle due to climate change and the protagonists of the race that is shaping the future of region […]

Arctic sea ice reaches its record low winter maximum

A maximum ice extent that is the lowest in the satellite record since 1979. Arctic summertime sea ice could vanish in the second half of the century, scientists say […]

A Lecture Series on Arctic Climate Change and Governance in the Arctic

Changes in both the natural and political environment of the Arctic are occurring rapidly and the melting rate of Arctic ice is accelerating. Insights from a range of experts in the field. All the contemporary issues related to the Arctic region from the science of what climate change is affecting to the economic and political changes that are now taking route. Watch ICCG the videos […]