Green technology and eco-efficient firms as an opportunity to promote financial de-risking

Core engines of innovation, growth, job creation and social cohesion in high-income and emerging economies, as well as low-income developing countries. How to support low-carbon and environmental small, medium and micro-sized enterprises? Three recommendations that will ensure that the G20 can promote the financing of the transition towards sustainability and resilience by leveraging low-carbon innovation, from a study recently published on Economics. Among the authors, CMCC researcher Elena Verdolini […]

How can governments foster sustainable innovation?

Human innovations created widespread human prosperity. However, they are also threatening the global environmental systems on which our economy and civilization depend. The likely solutions to these challenges will require yet more innovation: 3 policy proposals that would support more innovation of the environmentally beneficial kind […]

FEEM – ICCG Best Practices Contest Awards: top projects for expanding access to climate finance

Bottom-up initiatives providing funds for emission reduction projects and climate resilience actions showcased at awarding event in Milan. Two projects awarded: the jury’s choice was motivated by the will to award two active and operative entities implementing microfinance strategies that have proven their capacity to deliver concrete results in climate-vulnerable developing countries […]

Italy-Russia cooperation, together to catch new opportunities

Scientific research, business, green economy, biodiversity, renewable energy, advanced innovation for agriculture. Those are the cornerstones of four initiatives of utmost excellence for an unprecedented collaboration between Italy and Russia that features as leading actors the excellence of Russian and Italian research (such as CMCC Foundation) and industrial partners. Initiatives presented at COP22 at the Italian Pavilion […]

The rising impact of finance on climate change control

A framework aligning the decisions of financial institutions with long-term climate goals is taking shape. Carlo Carraro highlights the key role of climate finance […]

G7 leaders agree for a decarbonized economy this century

A commitment to phase out fossil fuel use by the end of the century while enabling all countries to follow a low-carbon and resilient development pathway. Read the summit’s final declaration […]

Energy intensity trends: structural change or technology improvement?

An analysis on Energy Economics attributing efficiency changes to either changes in technology or changes in the structure of the economy while studying trends in global energy intensity, with a focus on sectoral and regional differences […]

Innovation, energy efficiency and clean technologies: all the goals of WFES 2012

Celebrating its fifth year, the World Future Energy Summit at Abu Dhabi provides an unparalleled business platform bringing together projects owners, solutions providers, investors and buyers from power sector