Sea ice algal evolution in a warmer Arctic

The Arctic sea-ice decline is among the most emblematic manifestations of climate change and is occurring before we understand its ecological consequences. The future changes in algal productivity investigated in a study just published on Science Advances, a collaboration between the Finnish Environment Institute, the University of Cape Town and the CMCC Foundation. Among the authors, CMCC researcher Enrico Scoccimarro […]

Integrating and managing services for the climate modelling community: interview to Sandro Fiore

How to analyze and process data from multiple communities? CMCC researcher Sandro Fiore, ASC Division Director, presents the European Network for Earth System Modelling (ENES), with a special focus on its Climate Analytics Service (ECAS), developed in the framework of the EOSC-hub project. Read the interview on the first issue of the EOSC-hub magazine […]

Second Level Master degree in Meteorology and Physical Oceanography

An advanced preparation in Meteorology and Physical Oceanography. A specific high level training required by environmental agencies, public and private institutions, forecasting and research centers, insurance companies, airport and maritime authorities. An opportunity to receive the certificate of meteorologist in accordance with the World Meteorological Organization […]

Tale of an oceanic Antarctic campaign

The Ross Sea Expedition of the Italian research vessel OGS Explora. A 60 days campaign and five research projects aimed at collecting current and past evidence of ocean dynamics and its impact on ice-sheet retreats. CMCC researcher Florence Colleoni, who takes part to the expedition, tell us about her onboard research and personal experience […]

Antarctica: the CMCC polar adventure started

The past climate and the evolution of the Antarctic ice sheet to assess the current rate of ice melting: CMCC researcher Florence Colleoni participates to the 32nd Italian Antarctic Campaign on board of the research vessel OGS Explora […]