PhD in Future Earth, Climate Change and Societal Challenge

19 available positions for the new PhD based at the University of Bologna. Three scholarships are funded by the CMCC Foundation. The deadline to send your application is May 15, 2019. Download the call and apply! […]

Deep into the journalism – climate nexus

The storytelling frontier, the hunt for misinformation, new perspectives for telling the changing climate on the TV and much more. Read the new Focus Story just published on Foresight – The CMCC observatory on climate policies and future […]

Climate Change Insights: PhDs, Masters, and all the education programs by the CMCC Foundation

Want to know the complex and multi-faceted dimensions of climate change? Explore the challenges posed by climate risk by integrating the scientific and socio-economic aspects in the unique training programs of the CMCC Foundation. Look at the new calls for applications and don’t miss the Open Day of the Master of Research in Science and Management of Climate Change, on April 8, 2019. Get to know the new CMCC study plans! […]

Journey: take action on climate change through entrepreneurship

Passionate about entrepreneurship? Want to solve global climate challenges? Join the Climate-KIC Journey and participate in Europe’s largest summer school for climate innovation, offering a unique combination of climate knowledge and hands-on business experience. Deadline: February 18, 2018 […]

ESGF F2F conference 2017: CMCC Foundation received the Achievement Award

Alessandra Nuzzo, Maria Mirto, Paola Nassisi, and Sandro Fiore, CMCC researcher at ASC Division, received a group award for developing the new ESGF dashboard. The CMCC group addressed key challenges such as communicating the most important information in a straightforward way and allowing different users to view specific details simultaneously […]

Climate sciences: the Annual Conference launched

The scientific community makes the point on climate change in Bologna at the Annual Conference of the Italian Society for Climate Sciences. With a speech of the European Commission and the participation of Minister Gianluca Galletti […]

Students at the CMCC at the cutting edge of scientific research, innovation and technologies

School and work get closer and closer thanks to the “alternanza-lavoro” project. Twenty-two high school students from Lecce, Italy, attended their experience of company insertion at CMCC Foundation premises with high profile expertises and research […]

Rome 2015 – Science Symposium on Climate: call for abstracts

On 19-20 November, 2015, in Rome, the Italian Scientific Societies  involved in the study of climate jointly organize Rome 2015 – Science Symposium […]

2014: the warmest year on the record

The last year ranks as the hottest since 1880, according to two separate analyses by NASA and NOAA scientists […]

A global infrastructure to support climate change research

The Earth System Grid Federation, an international collaboration aiming at developing a software infrastructure needed to facilitate and empower the study of climate change on a global scale. Adopted by the CMIP5 archive, it includes services for data discovery, access, analysis and visualization, model output, observations, and reanalysis data. A new study on Future Generation Computer System […]

Climate Change: Too late for 2°C?

T. Stocker, University of Bern, Switzerland, and IPCC WGI co-chair, opens the 2nd SISC annual conference while illustrating new findings and insights on climate science from frontier research […]

SISC conference: the program is online

Four topics to talk about climate science: mitigation policy and strategies; advances in climate science; vulnerability, risk assessment and adaptation to climate change; impacts and implications of climate change. Have a look at the rich program of the second SISC annual conference! All the events, plenary and thematic sessions […]

Climate Sciences: the Second Annual Conference

Lectures, thematic session and a debate on climate communication between scientists and media. The international scientific community of climate research meets in Venice. Register to participate! […]

Science story hunters: the future of journalism and reporting

Tim Radford, former science editor for the Guardian, on how to shape science facts into narratives, focusing on climate change media reporting. From the magazine Climate Science & Policy […]

Shackleton’s Man Goes South, a climate story at the museum

The thought-provoking work of fiction by Tony White, the first novel ever published by Science Museum […]