The social cost of carbon to value Earth observing systems

Roger Cooke (RFF – Resources for the Future) presents his work “Using the social cost of carbon to value Earth observing systems” during an EIEE-CMCC webinar. Watch the video […]

IPCC Special Report on impacts of global warming of 1.5°C: An overview of the main outcomes

Marco Bindi, Full Professor at the University of Florence, Dept. of Agri-Food Production and Environmental Sciences, provided an overview of the main key findings of the IPCC Special Report Global Warming of 1.5°C during a CMCC webinar. Watch the video […]

Climate services in the finance sector: insights for users and providers of climate data and information

How to allow the climate services uptake in the finance sector? Insights for climate and finance experts in this CMCC webinar held by Ms. Robin Hamaker-Taylor – Acclimatise, UK. Watch the video

Low-carbon energy finance: new insights for modelers and policy makers

Many studies analyze the innovation, diffusion, and cost developments of low-carbon energy technologies, but little research is dedicated to analyzing the financing dynamics of these technologies. Prof. Dr. Tobias S Schmidt and Dr. Bjarne Steffen of Energy Politics Group – ETH Zurich explored this issue while highlighting research results and their implications. Watch the video […]

The political dimension of climate change

Science is a social process, but is usually considered special in its ability to correctly deconstruct, analyze and describe complex phenomena. How much do climate science and society steer each other? How independent are the different social spheres of people and concepts? Watch the video of the CMCC webinar held by Prof. Hans von Storch, Director emeritus Institute of Coastal Research, Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht, Germany […]

Valuing climate services in the cogeneration framework: evidences from the CLARA project

Climate services can make communities, critical infrastructure, businesses and ecosystems more resilient to climate impacts. Elisa Delpiazzo, researcher at CMCC Foundation and Ca’Foscari University, showed the key role of their economic evaluation presenting some insights from the CLARA project. Watch the video […]

Market-based mechanisms for enhancing ecosystem services and nature conservation

What are Payments for Ecosystem Services, and how do they work? Five recent innovations to improve the cost-effectiveness and environmental performance of these schemes around the world presented at the CMCC seminar held by Nicholas Hanley, Professor of Environmental and One Health Economics at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Watch the video […]

A snapshot of Antarctic climate variability over the last 2000 years

What about climate trends in the Antarctic region? Barbara Stenni, Associate professor of Geochemistry at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice presented an expanded paleoclimate database including ice core isotope records over 7 distinct climatic regions covering the Antarctic continent. Watch the video […]

Ratcheting up Brazil´s Nationally Determined Contribution: a consistent roadmap towards the global temperature goal 2 – 1.5 °C

How will Brazil contribute to the Paris Agreement’s mitigation goals? Which roles will play agriculture, forestry, land use, biofuels, electrifications of vehicles, carbon capture and storage? Roberto Schaeffer, researcher at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, explored Brazil’s role in global efforts to address climate change. Watch the video. […]

Water management: innovative ways to assess precipitation distribution

Precipitation has a direct impact on both the ecosystem and the human society, it affects groundwater and reservoirs, and constitutes a major environmental hazard. CMCC researcher Paola Marson presents a new statistical framework able to describe the spatial distribution and intensity of rainfall, especially focusing on mountainous regions. Watch the video […]

Can block chains have a role in climate data quality management?

Researcher Tommi Vuorenmaa clarified the properties and prerequisites of blockchain technology, and provide some thoughts on the application in the field of climate data services. Watch the video […]

Mapping innovation: a global outlook of Climate Services

They provide climate information in a way that assists decision making, such as projections, forecasts, trends, economic analyses, assessments, counseling of best practices. CMCC researcher Francesca Larosa explores the landscape of climate innovation in Europe by focusing on research on climate services. Watch the video […]

Earth System Models: 20-years of Successes, tough choices and persistent problems

Richard Neale, Project Scientist at NCAR – National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, presented a selection of results showing the evolution of simulation skill through six generations of the NCAR atmosphere model and five generations of the NCAR coupled model. watch the video of the CMCC webinar […]

Carbon Pricing and Global Warming: assessing the macroeconomic impacts

To what extent can a worldwide carbon pricing foster the transition towards a low-carbon economy and help mitigate the effects of global warming? Economist Gael Giraud discussed the macroeconomic impact of carbon pricing and public subsidies while evaluating the extent to which these policies are sustainable. Watch the video of the CMCC seminar […]

Blue Growth: science, society and innovation. A focus on the Mediterranean and Black Sea

Find out more about the European long term strategy to support sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors as a whole to foster tourism, navigation and maritime transport, off-shore activities, marine environment and coastal spatial planning and protection. Giovanni Coppini, CMCC OPA Division Director, presents several examples of Blue Growth related services developed in the framework of the CMCC Ocean Lab activities […]