Sea ice algal evolution in a warmer Arctic

The Arctic sea-ice decline is among the most emblematic manifestations of climate change and is occurring before we understand its ecological consequences. The future changes in algal productivity investigated in a study just published on Science Advances, a collaboration between the Finnish Environment Institute, the University of Cape Town and the CMCC Foundation. Among the authors, CMCC researcher Enrico Scoccimarro […]

Oceans and climate change: new insights on the origins of Atlantic decadal swings

Anthropogenic drivers, such as greenhouse gases and aerosols, have a leading role on the origins of the fluctuation in sea surface temperatures in the North Atlantic basin. CMCC researcher Alessio Bellucci provides new perspectives and insights on the international scientific debate around this issue, summarized and explored by Nature journal […]

Climate: new evidence on climate variability in the Atlantic Ocean

Human activities have an influence on sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean and as a consequence on a number of important climate phenomena. A study by CMCC Foundation recently published provides new perspectives on the international scientific debate summarized and presented by Nature journal. […]

A global infrastructure to support climate change research

The Earth System Grid Federation, an international collaboration aiming at developing a software infrastructure needed to facilitate and empower the study of climate change on a global scale. Adopted by the CMIP5 archive, it includes services for data discovery, access, analysis and visualization, model output, observations, and reanalysis data. A new study on Future Generation Computer System […]