Festival dello Sviluppo Sostenibile: all the CMCC events on the agenda

The CMCC Foundation participates in the event “Festival dello sviluppo sostenibile” (21 May – 6 June) with many initiatives. Explore all the events […]

Festival for the Earth returns to Venice on December 3-4, 2018

A 2-day international gathering aiming to propose to broader audiences possibilities of transformations, reflections and alternative modalities to reframe environmental issues. A wide range of conferences, workshops, artist talks and events to be held in different locations around Venice and Padua. The CMCC Foundation is partner of the event […]

The nexus between food and migration: the potential role of climate change

How climate change and food insecurity affects migration and vice versa? CMCC researcher Monia Santini will explore this issue taking part in the panel discussion “Agricoltura e cambiamenti climatici: i campi non sono più gli stessi” in the framework of the International Food Journalism Festival. On February 23, 2018, in Turin […]

Climate change – The Grand Challenge

The presentation of the results of the international contest of communication and creativity. The winning works that highlight methods and opportunities for interaction with the environment and the effects induced by climate change. An event with the patronage of the CMCC Foundation. In Venice, on December 1st, 2017, during the celebration of the Antarctica Day […]

Adaptation to climate change: a discussion at the festival of Internazionale in Ferrara

Show, interviews, videos, books, and much more. The journalists and photographers from all over the world. CMCC researcher Enrica De Cian will participate in the Internazionale festival with two speeches on adaptation strategies to climate change. On September 29, 2017 […]

Counteracting Xylella threat with a multidisciplinary research approach

The biology, genetics and pathogenicity of Xylella fastidiosa. The ecology and control of Xf vectors. Tools for early detection, eco-epidemiology and risk assessment, innovative and sustainable strategies for the control of the disease. Do you want to know more about the XF – ACTORS project? Take a look at its factsheet! […]

Students at the CMCC at the cutting edge of scientific research, innovation and technologies

School and work get closer and closer thanks to the “alternanza-lavoro” project. Twenty-two high school students from Lecce, Italy, attended their experience of company insertion at CMCC Foundation premises with high profile expertises and research […]

From uncertainty to risk: new languages in climate change communication

Something is probably happening in the climate change communication. Discover what is it with James Painter, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and author of the book “Climate Change in the Media: Reporting Risk and Uncertainty” […]

Climate: everything you need to know about it

Climate science as you have never seen before. Video, animations, pictures, in-depth analysis: because climate is changing for everyone, not only for scientists. www.clima2014.it […]

Science story hunters: the future of journalism and reporting

Tim Radford, former science editor for the Guardian, on how to shape science facts into narratives, focusing on climate change media reporting. From the magazine Climate Science & Policy […]

“Journalists, what does it mean to be objective when you cover climate science?”

Science, politics and the role of the media in an interview to Naomi Oreskes, co-author of the book “Merchants of Doubt”. From Climate Science and Policy, the digital magazine edited by CMCC […]

CMCC Strategic Plan and Report 2010/2011 are available online

The CMCC vision toward 2020 and the report of the activities carried out over the last two years are available for download on the web site […]