A reliable tracking of land-use emissions to assess progress towards the Paris Agreement

The goals of the Paris Agreement require forest-based mitigation. But the global modeling community and countries apply different methods to measure and report land-based greenhouse gases. So, how to reconcile these conceptual differences? A new study on Nature Climate Change explores the reasons for these differences and outlines ways to reconcile them […]

Mitigation: the terrestrial ecosystems potential

Deforestation, biomass burning, environmental pollution, land use changes can alter its balance. We are talking about the soil organic carbon, and given the current climate change an accurate knowledge about its quantity is a key factor to improve carbon sequestration in soils and implement mitigation strategies. The FAO-CMCC report “Global Soil Organic Carbon Database” and its global database map in support to researchers and policy makers in land management and planning activities […]

Forests and land use from Tropics to Siberia: how they affect temperature

Trees and forests can make the difference. They can affect temperature regionally in many areas of the world: it’s a matter of soil, color of land (darker or lighter), water availability, snow cover. The results of a study focused on how land cover changes impact on regional temperatures and precipitation, realized by CMCC researchers working in an international team […]

Ebola: the nexus between virus disease outbreaks and landscape fragmentation

In some cases deforestation may increase human exposure to reservoirs for Ebolavirus. The analyses of a study published on “Scientific Reports”, a Nature Research journal, realized by an international research team. Among them, Monia Santini from the CMCC Foundation […]

LiDAR data for forest monitoring

A tool to assist with forest recovery assessments that may be applicable in conservation planning and carbon storage assessments. A new study on Remote Sensing […]

Tropical forests: the impact of selective logging

The negative effects of selective clearcutting on forest structure, tree diversity and above-ground biomass of African tropical forests are greater than expected. A new study on Ecological Research […]

Riccardo Valentini awarded with the Ernst Haeckel Prize

Named after the scientist who introduced in the scientific literature the term “ecology”, the award honors a senior ecologist for outstanding contributions to European ecological science […]

Recognizing the value of forest services

Socioeconomic benefits and needs for energy, food and a wide range of other goods and ecosystem services: news and analyses from the 2014 FAO report and the CMCC’s projects to improve forest resources while fostering their sustainable use […]

Optical and SAR sensor synergies for forest and land cover mapping in a tropical site in West Africa

A fine and accurate vegetation mapping in a previously untested region exploiting all available sensors synergies. A new paper published in the International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation by IAFENT Division […]

Amazon REDD project enjoys first results

A new project to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) in the Brazil’s rainforest region. Latest from Climate Policy News

Rio+20, climate change and adaptation. The CMCC at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development

Climate change adaptation in tropical zones is the subject of the event organized by CMCC in the pavilion of the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea. Other topics under discussion are Low Carbon Economy, deforestation in the Amazon and risks and related impacts of oil extraction […]

A roadmap to preserve food security from climate change

2012 talks need for scientific input. All the opportunities for the research community to provide insights that could improve concern for the crucial link between climate change and food production are mentioned in an article recently published in Science […]