Mediterranean forests: key ecosystem services and their vulnerability

How can we delineate new and suitable strategies and plans for forest protection and management? A report realized by CMCC researchers Sergio Noce and Monia Santini provides a synthetic overview about the existing key forest ecosystem services in the Mediterranean area, and about how they seem currently impacted by climate and, in some cases, by land use change, human pressures and wrong management […]

Market-based mechanisms for enhancing ecosystem services and nature conservation

What are Payments for Ecosystem Services, and how do they work? Five recent innovations to improve the cost-effectiveness and environmental performance of these schemes around the world presented at the CMCC seminar held by Nicholas Hanley, Professor of Environmental and One Health Economics at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Watch the video […]

What’s driving biodiversity loss in Europe?

Intensification of agriculture and forestry, climate change, resource extraction, invasive alien species, and pollution: new findings reported by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services detail what is driving biodiversity loss and the reduction of nature’s contributions to people in Europe […]

Economics at the service of biodiversity conservation: the CMCC Foundation joins the BIOECON research network

What are the economic and policy driven forces responsible for the decline of biodiversity? Which tools could tackle the effects of these drivers? With the aim of advancing economic theory and policy for biodiversity conservation, CMCC Foundation joins the BIOdiversity and Economics for Conservation (BIOECON) network […]

How to promote climate resilience in urban areas?

An impact assessment framework to support planning and evaluation of nature-based solutions projects: released the report of the EU funded project EKLIPSE. Among the experts, CMCC researcher Margaretha Breil of ECIP Division […]

Vulnerable Europe? A report on climate risk

Snapshot of present and future impacts of climate change. The new report by EEA, realized also with the contribution of the CMCC research on extreme events, energy, and tourism […]

Second Level Master in Marine Sciences: Ocean Physics and Technology

An advanced preparation in Oceanography and Marine Technologies. A specific high level training focused on the numerical methods of simulating the ocean environment, ocean monitoring and forecasting. The deadline for the Master registration has been postponed to February 20, 2016 […]

A model to simulate forest dynamics

The validation of 3D-CMCC Forest Ecosystem Model (v.5.1) in simulating gross primary production for ten European forest sites. A new study on Geoscientific Model Development […]

Mediterranean Sea: scenario analysis

An analysis of the impacts of climate change and environmental management policies on the Mediterranean Sea. A study on Journal of Marine Systems […]

Tropical forests: the effects of a changing climate

Productivity and carbon sequestration capacity in the forest ecosystem. A meta-analysis designed to find the shared climate drivers of tree growth and their relative importance across pan-tropical forests. A study on PLoS ONE by CMCC researcher A. Trabucco […]

Riccardo Valentini awarded with the Ernst Haeckel Prize

Named after the scientist who introduced in the scientific literature the term “ecology”, the award honors a senior ecologist for outstanding contributions to European ecological science […]

The Italian Society for Climate Sciences (SISC) launched

A meeting point for scientific knowledge from different disciplines to tackle the climate challenge. Call for papers open for the First Annual Conference […]