How can governments foster sustainable innovation?

Human innovations created widespread human prosperity. However, they are also threatening the global environmental systems on which our economy and civilization depend. The likely solutions to these challenges will require yet more innovation: 3 policy proposals that would support more innovation of the environmentally beneficial kind […]

Effort Sharing, land-use, energy efficiency: EU sets new laws  to achieve 2030 climate targets

The Council of the European Union gave final approval to key regulations covering GHG emission reductions, land-use activities, energy performance of buildings and environmental reporting obligations for Member States […]

EU ETS: what you need to know about the reform of the cap-and-trade system to curb European emission

After almost three years of legislative debate and tense negotiations, the reform of the European Emission Trading Scheme has become law. The new system promises to both sustain carbon prices at a level high enough to spur low-carbon investments, and protect the competitiveness of European energy and industry sector […]

New project integrates climate and development research

A new grant from the European Union Horizon 2020 funding initiative links climate mitigation and adaptation policies with broader sustainable development questions at a global and regional level

Clima2014/ IPCC AR5 – WG III

Mitigation of Climate Change. The Summary for Policy Makers (SPM) of the Fifth Assessment Report on Climate Change – WGIII released in Berlin. Documents and materials by the IPCC

Climate negotiations: Europe, let’s close the gap

EU Commissioner Connie Hedegaard, talks about EU ETS back-loading and encourages EU to make up its mind in the 2030 horizon. The full interview on Climate Science and Policy […]

Australia and EU to link carbon schemes

In 2015 market participants will be allowed to achieve up to half of their targets by surrendering EU allowances, Australian Climate Change Minister Greg Combet announces […]

Amazon REDD project enjoys first results

A new project to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) in the Brazil’s rainforest region. Latest from Climate Policy News

Climate and the crisis: saving 6.7 billion euros a year by managing emissions

How to save money and safeguard thousands of jobs just reorganizing the ETS? Suggestions from the new report by the London School of Economics […]

EU finds agreement on energy efficiency

Set out binding measures to improve energy savings in all end use sectors by 1.5 percent per year in the period 2014-2020. Latest from Climate Policy News […]

Mexico on the frontline of the fight against climate change

Mexico is going to become the second country in the world to pass a far – reaching Climate Change Act to drastically cut carbon dioxide emissions. […]

Towards the 7th Environmental Action Programme

The EU Parliament compelled to approve an ambitious environmental agenda, while Italy presented the new National emission reduction Plan for 2020. Latest from Climate Policy News […]

Invitation to tender for the EU auction platform

The closing bid for a tender for a transitional EU auction platform is May 3rd. But Germany, Poland and the UK decided to opt out of the planned common platform. Latest from Climate Policy News […]

China and India to boycott in the European sky?

The two big growing economies ask their national airlines to not comply with EU Emission Trading Scheme rules. […]

EU Energy Committee: energy savings and ETS set aside

EU Energy Committee backs binding national targets and GHG set – aside plan. The EPA’s GHG rules are again under examination, while Australia is setting out rules for free carbon permits and Dubai is developing its own ETS scheme. All the details in the latest issues of Climate Policy News […]