Forests: solutions and perspectives to fight climate change

Challenges and perspectives for a long-term vision in managing forests under climate change and the Italian case, natural climate solutions and climate-smart forestry, forest fire management, climate adaptation and mitigation strategies and much more in the CMCC-EFI webinar. Download the webinar presentation! […]

FireAware, a free mobile App for fire notifications

Science and citizens brought together in an experiment to fight fire hazard. The new application for iOS is available […]

Facing forest wildfires: a new group for forestry fire management

First meeting of the SISEF group for the management of forest wildfires in Italy. The group wants to improve research and collaboration while providing information to society. Michele Salis (CMCC) was elected as one of the the coordinators […]

ClimaSouth training workshop on climate downscaling and forest fire impacts

A training workshop for the specialized staff of Algeria’s Office National de la Météorologie (ONM) on the topic of climate downscaling. Lectures and associated practical sessions on climate change, climate variability, dynamical downscaling and implementation of the COSMO-CLM regional climate model […]

OFIDIA: a monitoring system for fire danger prevention

Risk maps based on WRF model and real time monitoring to improve the operational capability of forecasting, preventing and fighting forest wildfires: researchers and stakeholders tell the aims, methods and results of the project. Watch the video […]

Science, innovation and tools for fire danger prevention

Institutional representatives, policy and decision makers, stakeholders, researchers, experts, spokespeople of the civil society whose activities are focused on fire danger forecast and prevention. The final workshop of the project OFIDIA in Lecce, November 24, 2015 […]

ClimaSouth training workshop for Algeria’s Office National de la Météorologie

A course held by CMCC researcher E. Bucchignani at ONM on climate downscaling in preparation for studies of climate change impacts on forest fires […]

Fighting forest wildfires

A video to present the main objectives, activities and results of the OFIDIA project – Operational FIre Danger preventIon PlAtform. A description of the wireless sensors network, of the structured data collection system and of the data archive and analytics platform. Watch the video […]

Assessing landscape scale wildfire exposure

The case study of a fire-prone area in central Sardinia, Italy. A methodology to address and inform fire risk management, landscape planning and people safety. A study on Environmental Management […]

Wildfires: new policies and directions for future research from Alghero outcomes

Research results and experience reports on the effects of fire on the environment and society. The book of abstracts of the International Conference on Fire Behaviour and Risk is now available […]

Modelling of wildfires and their environmental impacts

An event about the research in the field on June 22-26, 2015 at Miramare, Trieste, Italy. With a talk of the CMCC researcher Michele Salis […]

Addressing, managing and preventing fire behaviour and risks – The international conference in Alghero, May 26-29

One of the main event at the EU level in Alghero: international speakers, scientists, journalists, decision and policy makers for four days of analysis, study and discussion […]

Wildfires: the Second International Conference in Alghero

Fire behaviour and risk, fire management, modeling, the relationships between climate and fire occurrence, adaptation and mitigation strategies, policies available and future perspectives. Researchers, stakeholders and policy makers whose activities are focused on fires and their impacts will meet in Sardinia. Call for abstract is open till January 31, 2015 […]

A full greenhouse gases budget of Africa: synthesis, uncertainties and vulnerabilities

Improved estimates of the carbon and greenhouse gases balance of continental Africa. Southern Africa is the main source region, while central Africa, with its evergreen tropical forests, is the main sink. Emissions from land-use change, selective logging and wild fires are also taken in consideration. A new study on Biogeosciences […]

Wildfire risk in the Mediterranean area, a new study on Natural Hazards

The spatio-temporal changes in fire regime and exposure in Sardinia, Italy. Some IAFENT researchers involved in the study […]