Human behavior is the key to reducing flood risk

The extent of damages caused by floods also depends on how people prepare to face the risk but current methods do not take into account individual perception and human behavior. An international team of scientists including Director of CMCC RAAS Division Jaroslav Mysiak addresses the issue in a Perspective article published in Nature Climate Change […]

Drinking Europe: the path of water towards sustainability

It’s a problem that concerns all 500 million Europeans. Floods, droughts, water scarcity have dramatically increased in number and intensity in the UE due to climate change. How we can protect and manage water resources in order to maximize their efficient utilization while minimizing the present-day negative aspects? The PROLINE-CE project wants to address these issues by the implementation of innovative best practices  and measures of land use and water protection in pilot actions […]

An engineering approach to climate change: international and national experiences

How translate mitigation and adaptation objectives in specific planning criteria? Tools and methodologies in a seminar focused on water engineering: water resources, urban drainage, floods and the implications for climate adaptation plans. With the participation of CMCC researcher Paola Mercogliano […]

Climate change, extreme events and flood vulnerability in Paraguay

Presented the results of the CMCC Foundation study realized in the framework of CHAKE OU project. A climate risk analysis and flood vulnerability assessment in Paraguay: it will provide useful information for a National Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation of the South American country […]

Floods risk under a changing climate

Extreme weather events are expected to increase the damaging effect of storms and floods. In order to analyze the effect of climate change on pluvial flood risk, a study recently published describes a regional risk assessment methodology applied to the municipality of Venice. User-oriented risk maps and a bottom-up approach taking into account the requests, knowledge and perspectives of local stakeholders of the North Adriatic region […]

Addressing the impacts of climate change in the Tunisian coastal zone of the Gulf of Gabes

A Regional Risk Assessment methodology focused on sea-level rise and flood impacts for human and natural systems to support the development and prioritization of adaptation strategies

All the impacts of floods

A methodology developed by CMCC researchers L. Carrera, G. Standardi, F. Bosello and J. Mysiak to assess direct and indirect economic impacts of a flood event […]

Providing environmental awareness to the urban coasts

Hurricanes, beach erosion, structural damage to big coastal cities, flooding: prof. Alan Blumberg at the CMCC’s Ocean Lab in Lecce to explain how to enhance our resilience to climate change and extreme weather events. Watch the video […]

River flooding in urban areas: a case study from Switzerland

A Regional Risk Assessment methodology for water-related natural hazards developed in the framework of the KULTURisk Project. The Sihl River case study: risk maps for people, economic activities, buildings, infrastructure and agriculture, natural and semi-natural systems, and cultural heritage […]

Floods: new tools and strategies

A Regional Risk Assessment methodology for water-related natural hazards developed in the framework of the KULTURisk Project. A flexible approach for different case studies, such as plain rivers, mountain torrents, urban and coastal areas, and different spatial scales. A new study on Hydrology and Hearth System Sciences […]

Extreme weather driving countries to adapt to climate change

They are the most common reasons for including climate change and its impacts in the political agenda. From European Environment Agency the most updated and comprehensive report on adaptation to climate change in Europe […]

Storminess evolution

A study on Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences based on a new set of climate simulations analyzing future changes of storm surge extremes along the Mediterranean coast […]

HyMeX, a snapshot on the Mediterranean water cycle

A 10-year multidisciplinary program on water cycle variability especially focused on hydro-meteorological hazards, extremes and the adaptation capacity of the Mediterranean territories and populations in the context of global climate change. A new study on the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society […]

Hydrological simulations and climate scenarios at the basin scale in the Po river, Italy

Variation in discharge in Po river and simulations of its flow from 1971 to 2000. A new paper on the “Red Books” series of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) […]

Climate change in the American backyards

Global climate is changing and this change is apparent across a wide range of observations. Released “Climate change impacts in the United States”, a landmark report about the effects of climate change on the U.S. […]