Asset prices and climate policy

The RFF-CMCC – EIEE webinar held by Armon Rezai, Institute for Ecological Economics, Vienne University of Economics and Business. Watch the video and download the webinar presentation! […]

Bridging the gap: do fossil technologies facilitate renewable energy diffusion?

How can modern fossil power generation support renewable energy investments? A new study on Energy Policy shows that higher gas-fired capacity is associated with more renewable investments. An analysis of the indirect costs of renewable energy integration […]

The subsidies conundrum amid emission reductions, renewable boost and social impacts

Would phasing out fossil fuel subsidies help the growth of renewable energy sources? Would it drastically reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere? The answer of a brand new study published in the journal Nature examines fully the issues at stake. CMCC researchers Massimo Tavoni and Johannes Emmerling are among the authors of this research. […]

Methane: all the data of a key factor affecting climate change

It is one of the most important greenhouse gases with even a global warming potential larger than CO2. An international study provides information and data on its increasing concentrations in the atmosphere. Among the authors, CMCC researcher Monia Santini […]

Methane and its role in global warming, a new study on Nature Geoscience

Atmospheric measurements combined with results from models and inventories of anthropogenic emissions to construct decadal budgets for methane sources and sinks. Some IAFENT researchers involved in the study […]

Unconventional gas: towards a golden age?

“Golden Rules for a Golden Age of Gas”: a special report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows how gas could become the world’s second most important energy source. Latest from Climate Policy News […]