Malaria: increases in mortality due to climate change

A disease of great public health concern affecting nearly half of the world’s population, and it is spreading across countries. Malaria also seems to be one of the health outcomes most sensitive to climate change. Child mortality, accounting for 70% of total malaria mortality, is likely to increase by up to 20% in some areas due to climate change by the end of the 21st century. A study by CMCC researcher S. Dasgupta investigated the relationship between climatic exposure and malaria mortality […]

How to find money to improve our cities (and protect them from climate change)

How much does climate change cost to our cities? It depends, but there are innovative opportunities and mechanisms to find adequate financial resources and invest them efficiently. All the details and key messages in the new report of the European Environment Agency (EEA) […]

IAERE Young Environmental Economist Award 2017

The recognition given to the best paper presented by a young economist at the Annual Conference of the Italian Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (IAERE) to Shouro Dasgupta, CMCC researcher at ECIP Division, ex-equo with Claudia Ghisetti (JRC – EC). Focus of the paper, the highly relevant impact of climatic variables on malaria mortality rates […]

Vulnerable Europe? A report on climate risk

Snapshot of present and future impacts of climate change. The new report by EEA, realized also with the contribution of the CMCC research on extreme events, energy, and tourism […]

User requirements of climate information and impact indicators: European survey to inform the Copernicus Climate Change Service

A major survey is now live, enabling organizations and businesses across Europe to shape the development of the Copernicus Climate Change Service. An initiative of the SECTEUR project which aims to understand the requirements of climate information and impact indicators across a number of sectors: agriculture, forestry, coasts, health, transport, insurance and tourism. Available online until November 15th, 2016 […]

Integrating Climate Change Knowledge into Planning: results and future perspectives

Six pilot studies, three thematic Centers, the key project outputs, and the OrientGate Data Platform. The final newsletter is online, with the editorial by Antonio Navarra, CMCC President […]

Global health and climate-change: together bound

It makes many existing diseases and conditions worse, and it may also contribute to the introduction of new pests and pathogens into new regions or communities. George Luber – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – talks to CMCC and explains why climate change is a critical public health problem […]