Sea ice algal evolution in a warmer Arctic

The Arctic sea-ice decline is among the most emblematic manifestations of climate change and is occurring before we understand its ecological consequences. The future changes in algal productivity investigated in a study just published on Science Advances, a collaboration between the Finnish Environment Institute, the University of Cape Town and the CMCC Foundation. Among the authors, CMCC researcher Enrico Scoccimarro […]

A snapshot of Antarctic climate variability over the last 2000 years

What about climate trends in the Antarctic region? Barbara Stenni, Associate professor of Geochemistry at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice presented an expanded paleoclimate database including ice core isotope records over 7 distinct climatic regions covering the Antarctic continent. Watch the video […]

Antarctic evolution, from the deep past to the future

How will the Antarctic ice sheet respond to global warming? To answer to this question, it’s essential to understand how it has behaved in the past while modelling its future evolution. A review recently published on Nature Communications explore ice-bed-ocean interactions and the interface processes to improve our ability to describe past major changes, constrain Antarctic ice sheet tipping points and assess rates of past and future sea-level changes […]

Tale of an oceanic Antarctic campaign

The Ross Sea Expedition of the Italian research vessel OGS Explora. A 60 days campaign and five research projects aimed at collecting current and past evidence of ocean dynamics and its impact on ice-sheet retreats. CMCC researcher Florence Colleoni, who takes part to the expedition, tell us about her onboard research and personal experience […]

Antarctica: the CMCC polar adventure started

The past climate and the evolution of the Antarctic ice sheet to assess the current rate of ice melting: CMCC researcher Florence Colleoni participates to the 32nd Italian Antarctic Campaign on board of the research vessel OGS Explora […]

Antarctica: ice, climate change and what might happen

The Antarctic sea ice cover have continued to increase despite climate change effects. Nevertheless, Antarctic ice sheet is at risk due to climate change: it doesn’t lose its mass because of surface melting, but by the calving of icebergs at the front of marine terminating glaciers or at the front of the ice shelves. But there’s another additional threats to the future of Antarctica, that is the ocean-induced basal melting of the ice sheets, a process that could cause the fast disappearing of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. The complete melting ice of West Antarctica would represent a global mean sea level rise of about six meters […]

Arctic sea ice reaches its record low winter maximum

A maximum ice extent that is the lowest in the satellite record since 1979. Arctic summertime sea ice could vanish in the second half of the century, scientists say […]

Tropical cyclone effects on Arctic Sea ice variability

A paper by Enrico Scoccimarro, Silvio Gualdi, and Antonio Navarra recently published in the AGU journal Geophysical Research Letters