Bridging the gap: do fossil technologies facilitate renewable energy diffusion?

How can modern fossil power generation support renewable energy investments? A new study on Energy Policy shows that higher gas-fired capacity is associated with more renewable investments. An analysis of the indirect costs of renewable energy integration […]

The road towards energy transition and sustainable development

What is the influence of institutions and governance on environmental policy, environmental performance, and green investment? And what about the influence of populism and public opinion on environmental policy adoption? A new study on Energy Research and Social Science explores the issue […]

Research insights and policy solutions: An innovative international partnership between CMCC and RFF

A new transatlantic research institute on climate change and natural resource economics is born […]

Investments, development and enterprises: the utopia of sustainability according to Giovannini

A meeting in Venice in the frame of the Sustainable Development Festival. The main guest was Enrico Giovannini, spokesperson of the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development  (ASVIS) and author of the book “L’utopia sostenibile” (ed. Laterza, 2018). A conversation on sustainability as an opportunity for a positive change in the economy and the society […]

Solar capacity and investment on the rise

According to the new report Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2018, with a record 98 gigawatts of new capacity and 160.8 billion in investments, solar shone brighter than any other technology in 2017 […]

EU ETS: what you need to know about the reform of the cap-and-trade system to curb European emission

After almost three years of legislative debate and tense negotiations, the reform of the European Emission Trading Scheme has become law. The new system promises to both sustain carbon prices at a level high enough to spur low-carbon investments, and protect the competitiveness of European energy and industry sector […]

The role of Multilateral Development Banks in supporting climate action in developing countries

The key role of the private sector and the insurance sector in funding climate adaptation and mitigation measures and in providing insurance for climate impacts in developing countries. A video lecture by Christian Grossmann, Director of Climate Change, World Bank Group […]

Climate Finance: towards a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy

Instruments and policies to redirect investments from high-carbon to low-carbon infrastructures. A video-lecture by Christopher Knowles, Head of Climate, European Investment Bank […]

The rising impact of finance on climate change control

A framework aligning the decisions of financial institutions with long-term climate goals is taking shape. Carlo Carraro highlights the key role of climate finance […]

UNEP report: world record in renewable energy investments

For the first time developing world investments in renewables topped developed nations in 2015, with increasing investments especially in China and India. Conversely, EU investment in Europe was down 21 per cent, the continent’s lowest figure for nine years. Major milestones reached and new world record set in the 10th edition of the UN Environment Programme’s annual publication […]

Investments and public finance in a green, low carbon, economy

Four global tax scenarios to evaluate the impacts on investments and public finance of a transition to a green, low – carbon economy induced by carbon taxation. New insights from a paper by C. Carraro, A. Favero, E. Massetti published in Energy Economics […]

Towards the 7th Environmental Action Programme

The EU Parliament compelled to approve an ambitious environmental agenda, while Italy presented the new National emission reduction Plan for 2020. Latest from Climate Policy News […]