Forests and land use from Tropics to Siberia: how they affect temperature

Trees and forests can make the difference. They can affect temperature regionally in many areas of the world: it’s a matter of soil, color of land (darker or lighter), water availability, snow cover. The results of a study focused on how land cover changes impact on regional temperatures and precipitation, realized by CMCC researchers working in an international team […]

Biofuels: potential benefits and risks

The economic value of Jatropha cultivation in the case study of Tanzania. Regional differences and a greenhouse gas balance of one of the most promising biofuels available. A new paper by CMCC researcher A. Trabucco […]

The role of land in climate and human dynamics: a review of major modelling approaches

A detailed overview of the most representative and advanced methods and models developed to represent climate–human–land interactions. A critical discussion about missing knowledge and areas for future research. A new paper on Land […]

Deforestation: the effect of the replacement of tropical forests with tree plantations

Quantifying soil organic carbon losses (SOC) due to changes in land use in the Jomoro district, Ghana. A new study on Plant and Soil […]