Climate change and land use change: a multi-risk assessment of freshwater ecosystem services

A new study on Science of the Total Environment assessed the impacts of climate change and human activities on freshwater services: a focus on the Po river basin (Italy) and the Red River basin (Vietnam). Among the authors CMCC researchers Vuong Pham, Silvia Torresan, Andrea Critto and Antonio Marcomini

Mitigation: the terrestrial ecosystems potential

Deforestation, biomass burning, environmental pollution, land use changes can alter its balance. We are talking about the soil organic carbon, and given the current climate change an accurate knowledge about its quantity is a key factor to improve carbon sequestration in soils and implement mitigation strategies. The FAO-CMCC report “Global Soil Organic Carbon Database” and its global database map in support to researchers and policy makers in land management and planning activities […]

Forests and land use from Tropics to Siberia: how they affect temperature

Trees and forests can make the difference. They can affect temperature regionally in many areas of the world: it’s a matter of soil, color of land (darker or lighter), water availability, snow cover. The results of a study focused on how land cover changes impact on regional temperatures and precipitation, realized by CMCC researchers working in an international team […]

Land use changes: assessing climate change effects

The interplay between land use and climate change is essential in understanding land-based climate mitigation options and how societies will adapt to climate change in the future. 
An overview of the state-of-the-knowledge of the biophysical land cover changes (LCC) climate effects. Searching for some tools for policy makers […]

LiDAR data for forest monitoring

A tool to assist with forest recovery assessments that may be applicable in conservation planning and carbon storage assessments. A new study on Remote Sensing […]

Tropical forests: the impact of selective logging

The negative effects of selective clearcutting on forest structure, tree diversity and above-ground biomass of African tropical forests are greater than expected. A new study on Ecological Research […]

Wildfires: new policies and directions for future research from Alghero outcomes

Research results and experience reports on the effects of fire on the environment and society. The book of abstracts of the International Conference on Fire Behaviour and Risk is now available […]

Modelling of wildfires and their environmental impacts

An event about the research in the field on June 22-26, 2015 at Miramare, Trieste, Italy. With a talk of the CMCC researcher Michele Salis […]

A greenhouse gas balance of Italy

There’s a growing interest in the role of carbon cycle of terrestrial ecosystems and its relevance for national policies on mitigation and adaptation […]

Land grabbing: water, energy and food security

It’s a matter of human rights and a source of concern for civil society, NGOs, international organizations and academia. A conversation with Marta Antonelli on large-scale land acquisitions […]

The role of land in climate and human dynamics: a review of major modelling approaches

A detailed overview of the most representative and advanced methods and models developed to represent climate–human–land interactions. A critical discussion about missing knowledge and areas for future research. A new paper on Land […]

A full greenhouse gases budget of Africa: synthesis, uncertainties and vulnerabilities

Improved estimates of the carbon and greenhouse gases balance of continental Africa. Southern Africa is the main source region, while central Africa, with its evergreen tropical forests, is the main sink. Emissions from land-use change, selective logging and wild fires are also taken in consideration. A new study on Biogeosciences […]