Capital stranding cascades: the impact of decarbonisation on productive asset utilization

A novel methodological framework to investigate the exposure of economic systems to the risk of physical capital stranding. Watch the EIEE webinar held by Emanuele Campiglio, Assistant Professor at Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) and download the presentation! […]

Asset prices and climate policy

The RFF-CMCC – EIEE webinar held by Armon Rezai, Institute for Ecological Economics, Vienne University of Economics and Business. Watch the video and download the webinar presentation! […]

Zero CO2: here the handbook to cut emissions

An international research team traces the path to support the Paris Agreement climate goal, address climate change and achieve sustainable development simultaneously. On Nature Climate Change, an article with the contribution of the researchers of the CMCC Foundation and CMCC@Ca’Foscari […]

Low-carbon energy finance: new insights for modelers and policy makers

Many studies analyze the innovation, diffusion, and cost developments of low-carbon energy technologies, but little research is dedicated to analyzing the financing dynamics of these technologies. Prof. Dr. Tobias S Schmidt and Dr. Bjarne Steffen of Energy Politics Group – ETH Zurich explored this issue while highlighting research results and their implications. Watch the video […]

Carbon Pricing and Global Warming: assessing the macroeconomic impacts

To what extent can a worldwide carbon pricing foster the transition towards a low-carbon economy and help mitigate the effects of global warming? Economist Gael Giraud discussed the macroeconomic impact of carbon pricing and public subsidies while evaluating the extent to which these policies are sustainable. Watch the video of the CMCC seminar […]

EU ETS: what you need to know about the reform of the cap-and-trade system to curb European emission

After almost three years of legislative debate and tense negotiations, the reform of the European Emission Trading Scheme has become law. The new system promises to both sustain carbon prices at a level high enough to spur low-carbon investments, and protect the competitiveness of European energy and industry sector […]

The political economy of energy innovation

Did you know that countries with better governance are characterized by higher levels of energy-related Research and Development, or that left-wing governments are more likely to devote resources to the energy sector? And what’re the impacts on energy innovation? A new study by CMCC Foundation explores the effects of environmental policy, institutions, political orientation, and lobbying on energy innovation […]

Towards a low carbon economy: a new climate strategy for Albania launched

A comprehensive strategy and action plan with targets and methods on how to mitigate climate change is now in place. It covers policies and actions in those economic sectors that contribute most to carbon emissions […]

Climate Finance: towards a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy

Instruments and policies to redirect investments from high-carbon to low-carbon infrastructures. A video-lecture by Christopher Knowles, Head of Climate, European Investment Bank […]

Adaptation to climate change: how to stimulate the economy and bring benefits to public finance

Prof. Carlo Carraro explains why adaptation is good for the economy and GDP. Watch the video […]

G7 leaders agree for a decarbonized economy this century

A commitment to phase out fossil fuel use by the end of the century while enabling all countries to follow a low-carbon and resilient development pathway. Read the summit’s final declaration […]

Fertile ground for climate policy

After years of stagnation in action on climate, something is happening. Suggested by Carlo Carraro, four reports help us to better understand what happened in the 2014 and what is to come in 2015 […]

Are EU emissions cuts and energy targets too soft?

The European energy and climate strategy may be not able to reduce emissions by 80% by 2050. From a recent paper a discussion published on Nature […]

Investments and public finance in a green, low carbon, economy

Four global tax scenarios to evaluate the impacts on investments and public finance of a transition to a green, low – carbon economy induced by carbon taxation. New insights from a paper by C. Carraro, A. Favero, E. Massetti published in Energy Economics […]

EU reaffirms its commitment on the road to Rio+20

A roadmap for a competitive low-carbon economy and the european engagement in the ongoing negotiations in order to contribute to an ambitious outcome of the Un Conference on Sustainable Development. Latest from Climate Policy News […]