Festival for the Earth returns to Venice on December 3-4, 2018

A 2-day international gathering aiming to propose to broader audiences possibilities of transformations, reflections and alternative modalities to reframe environmental issues. A wide range of conferences, workshops, artist talks and events to be held in different locations around Venice and Padua. The CMCC Foundation is partner of the event […]

Sustainable mobility: how to foster electric cars sales and reduce CO2 emissions?

Tax reliefs, carbon taxes and incentives promote the sales of low-emission cars. A new study by the European Environment Agency (EEA) demonstrates how the political measures undertaken in different countries are fundamental to increase such a commerce […]

The future and its opportunities: clean energy, job market, technologies and climate change

Getting rid of coal, learning to manage climate change risks in the best possible way, building a dialogue between science, business, decision-making, and society. The discussion panel organized by the CMCC Foundation in the context of “All4TheGreen – Mobilizing Climate Science” in Bologna to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the IPCC. With Youba Sokona, Carlo Carraro, Nadia Pinardi, Sandro Fuzzi, Andrea Segré, and Antonio Navarra. […]

Climate Innovation Summit 2017: Cities, Levers of Change

Mitigation challenges and the role of education for climate action. Climate risk information and adaptation strategies. Jaroslav Mysiak, Director of the RAAS Division at the CMCC Foundation, and Prof. Carlo Carraro, explored these topics at the Climate-KIC event, this year focused on cities […]

Visions for post-carbon cities in the energy transition

The strategies envisaged for a transition process towards post-carbon cities in the framework of the EU project POCACITO. The CMCC contribution to the report of the LCS-RNet community on cutting edge research for low carbon societies aiming at contributing to international as well as national policymaking […]

Climate Finance: towards a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy

Instruments and policies to redirect investments from high-carbon to low-carbon infrastructures. A video-lecture by Christopher Knowles, Head of Climate, European Investment Bank […]

A plan for Apulia decarbonization

Michele Emiliano, President of Apulia Region, told about his homeland, energy systems and industrial complexes during COP21 climate summit in Paris. Watch the video […]

G7 leaders agree for a decarbonized economy this century

A commitment to phase out fossil fuel use by the end of the century while enabling all countries to follow a low-carbon and resilient development pathway. Read the summit’s final declaration […]

Fertile ground for climate policy

After years of stagnation in action on climate, something is happening. Suggested by Carlo Carraro, four reports help us to better understand what happened in the 2014 and what is to come in 2015 […]

A single EU registry for aviation

The European Commission moves its first step in activating its registry to centralise carbon allowance accounts in order to enable airlines to open accounts. However, U.S. and China are still fighting against the EU decision to include aviation in the Emission Trading Scheme. All the details in the new issue of Climate Policy News […]