Assessing marine litter in the Mediterranean

A new report recently published in the framework of the AMARE project provides new guidelines to monitor and assess the distribution and abundance of marine litter in the Mediterranean marine protected areas. Among the CMCC researchers involved, Svitlana Liubartseva, Giovanni Coppini and Rita Lecci from OPA Division […]

Seventh MONGOOS annual assembly: major outcomes and future perspective for operational oceanography in the Mediterranean

On December 5-6, 2018, the Mediterranean Operational Network for the Global Ocean Observing System met in Genoa for its annual meeting to make a point and plan future activities and collaboration. The CMCC Foundation presented its major services and applications for coastal harbour downscaling in the Apulia Region, for oil spill response operations and for the identification of marine litter sources in the Mediterranean Sea […]

Marine litter in the Mediterranean: a snapshot of the CMCC research

What are the main trajectories of plastics at sea? Where do plastics come from, and where do they accumulate? A research realized in the framework of AMAre project and lead by CMCC researcher Svitlana Liubartseva identified the transport and fate of plastic marine debris in the Mediterranean Sea with the aim to find solutions to this key issue […]