PhD in Future Earth, Climate Change and Societal Challenge

19 available positions for the new PhD based at the University of Bologna. Three scholarships are funded by the CMCC Foundation. The deadline to send your application is May 15, 2019. Download the call and apply! […]

Clean, sustainable, safe, and effective. The future of maritime transport in the Adriatic Sea

Innovation, scientific research, public institutions, and business gather to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions from ferry boats, and to design new routes between Italy and Croatia. The GUTTA (savinG fUel and emissions from mariTime Transport in the Adriatic region) project just started with a public conference, funded by the Italy-Croatia Interreg Cooperation Programme. Coordinated by the CMCC Foundation, Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change, GUTTA includes among its partners Mare Nostrum – Croatian Shipowners’ Association, the University of Zadar, the Croatian Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, and the Port System Authority of the Southern Adriatic Sea. […]

Blue Growth: science, society and innovation. A focus on the Mediterranean and Black Sea

Find out more about the European long term strategy to support sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors as a whole to foster tourism, navigation and maritime transport, off-shore activities, marine environment and coastal spatial planning and protection. Giovanni Coppini, CMCC OPA Division Director, presents several examples of Blue Growth related services developed in the framework of the CMCC Ocean Lab activities […]

Second Level Master degree in Meteorology and Physical Oceanography

An advanced preparation in Meteorology and Physical Oceanography. A specific high level training required by environmental agencies, public and private institutions, forecasting and research centers, insurance companies, airport and maritime authorities. An opportunity to receive the certificate of meteorologist in accordance with the World Meteorological Organization […]

Safe and efficient navigation in the Mediterranean Sea

How to find the best nautical routes to sail in the Mare Nostrum? The answer is VISIR, a system developed thanks to the collaboration between advanced research and users. Designed for various kinds of both motor- and sailboats, the system is now available online and as a mobile application on Google Play and Apple Store. Two studies recently published describe its features, functionalities and the science at its basis […]