Forests: solutions and perspectives to fight climate change

On March 21, 2019, the CMCC Foundation, in collaboration with EFI, will celebrate the International Day of Forests with a webinar taking stocks of the existing know-how, research activities and policies implementing sustainable forest management to support the role of forest to climate change mitigation and adaptation. Register and join the webinar! […]

Impacts assessment in marine areas: a multi- disciplinary approach supporting adaptive management of the Adriatic Sea

A multi-risk approach, integrating different metrics and scenarios of climate, ocean, bio-geochemical and anthropogenic pressures in an interactive impacts perspective in the last CMCC webinar held by RAAS researcher Elisa Furlan. Watch the video […]

Saving the sea, Prof. Nadia Pinardi: “climate change will continue to affect marine ecosystems for decades”

On Sky Tg24, Prof. Nadia Pinardi tells about climate change impacts on the ocean. A trend caused primarily by human activities that we will continue to experience for years […]

The social cost of carbon to value Earth observing systems

Roger Cooke (RFF – Resources for the Future) presents his work “Using the social cost of carbon to value Earth observing systems” during an EIEE-CMCC webinar. Watch the video […]

Climate negotiations in Katowice: the outcome of COP24

CMCC researchers attending climate negotiations tell us what happened at COP24. Watch the video of the last 2018 CMCC webinar! […]

IPCC Special Report on impacts of global warming of 1.5°C: An overview of the main outcomes

Marco Bindi, Full Professor at the University of Florence, Dept. of Agri-Food Production and Environmental Sciences, provided an overview of the main key findings of the IPCC Special Report Global Warming of 1.5°C during a CMCC webinar. Watch the video […]

Climate services in the finance sector: insights for users and providers of climate data and information

How to allow the climate services uptake in the finance sector? Insights for climate and finance experts in this CMCC webinar held by Ms. Robin Hamaker-Taylor – Acclimatise, UK. Watch the video

Leonardo Innovation Award 2018: two CMCC PhD students among the winners

Third Place PhD students award to Paola Vesco and Gabriele Accarino with a project that explores the predictive potential offered by artificial intelligence tools to forecast future migration flows while identifying the most probable countries of origin and arrival in the medium-to-long term […]

Low-carbon energy finance: new insights for modelers and policy makers

Many studies analyze the innovation, diffusion, and cost developments of low-carbon energy technologies, but little research is dedicated to analyzing the financing dynamics of these technologies. Prof. Dr. Tobias S Schmidt and Dr. Bjarne Steffen of Energy Politics Group – ETH Zurich explored this issue while highlighting research results and their implications. Watch the video […]

Machine learning and cloud process parameterization for weather and climate models

It well suited for problems which have a complex structure that we don’t understand well, but about which we have huge amounts of information. This is the case, for example, of cumulus cloud systems for weather and climate models. Prof. Christopher S. Bretherton, University of Washington, USA, explored this issue in a CMCC webinar for the development of new parameterizations of cloud processes for climate models. Watch the video […]

Lecce: here the green city to address climate change

Innovation, environmental services, air quality and the quality of life, resistance to heat waves and intense precipitation: the city of the future bets on green. Here the winners of Climathon 2018, the event organized by the CMCC Foundation and the Municipality of Lecce, with the contribution of international experts and professionals, start up and high school students working together for 24h on a project for the city of Lecce focused on green infrastructures […]

The political dimension of climate change

Science is a social process, but is usually considered special in its ability to correctly deconstruct, analyze and describe complex phenomena. How much do climate science and society steer each other? How independent are the different social spheres of people and concepts? Watch the video of the CMCC webinar held by Prof. Hans von Storch, Director emeritus Institute of Coastal Research, Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht, Germany […]

Discovering the Ligurian Sea with MREA18

The campaign designed and coordinated by the Italian Navy Hydrographic Institute in collaboration with CMCC Foundation, University of Bologna, CMRE, CNR-ISMAR. On board of the hydro-oceanographic ship Aretusa, sophisticated tools and devices to collect information on environmental conditions that can be useful to plan and manage operations at sea or to monitor the warming and evolution of our seas […]

How to face the climate challenge: let’s meet the experts at CMCC@Ca’Foscari

A multidisciplinary task force to offer scenarios and solutions to face the climate challenge: meets CMCC@Ca’Foscari’s researchers to understand how we provide data and information for designing European and local climate policies. Watch the video! […]

Managing data in large-scale climate modelling project

A large multi-laboratory and multi-institution initiative involving over 100 scientists, software developers and management personnels: explore the Energy Exascale Earth System Modeling Project presented by Computational Climate Scientist Valentine Anantharaj from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Watch the video […]