Europeans will not be able to live prosperous and healthy lives on a peaceful European continent in 2050 if they don’t reduce by 80% the amount of natural resources used for nutrition, housing, mobility and lifestyle needs. All the results of the #Think2030 new report […]

Market-based mechanisms for enhancing ecosystem services and nature conservation

What are Payments for Ecosystem Services, and how do they work? Five recent innovations to improve the cost-effectiveness and environmental performance of these schemes around the world presented at the CMCC seminar held by Nicholas Hanley, Professor of Environmental and One Health Economics at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Watch the video […]

Research insights and policy solutions: An innovative international partnership between CMCC and RFF

A new transatlantic research institute on climate change and natural resource economics is born […]

Arctic: winners and losers of the last frontier race

Interview with Marzio Mian, journalist and author of the book “Artico.La battaglia per il Grande Nord”, about the deep transformations occurring across the Arctic Circle due to climate change and the protagonists of the race that is shaping the future of region […]

The great thirst: science, innovation and business for optimizing the use of water resources in agriculture

It’s one of the manufacturing sectors that requires more water: how can we combine productivity and a more sustainable use of natural resources? Some answers arose from the collaboration between scientific research and companies. The Mutti case study, with the participation of CMCC and WWF, presented by CMCC researcher Monia Santini at “Labirinto d’Acque”, the 4-day events dedicated to water […]

EAERE: Prof. Carlo Carraro is the new President of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

Elected in the EAERE Board in 2015, his two-year presidential term has begun in January 2018 and will end on December 31, 2019. He served as President-Elect in 2016 and 2017 and for other two years as Past-President, at the end of the presidential tenure […]

6th World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists: the call for papers is open

The call for papers of the congress, to be held on June 25-29, 2018, in Gothenburg, Sweden, is currently open. Researchers and experts are invited to submit theoretical and empirical papers in all areas of environmental and natural resource economics. Deadline for paper submission: 31 January 2018 […]

XVI World Water Congress “Bridging Science and Policy”

An event to be held in Cancun, Mexico, linking water professionals and experts working on key global water agendas and strategies. Two special sessions focused on water policy and governance and water security organized by the CMCC Foundation […]

The EWRI 2017 Best Paper Award announced

A special recognition for Prof. Donatella Spano, researcher at CMCC Foundation, for the paper “Correcting Midseason Crop Coefficients for Climate” published on Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering. On May 23, 2017, in Sacramento, California, the award ceremony […]

Water and economic instruments

A lecture delivered by Carlos Dionisio Pérez-Blanco, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow and CMCC researcher, on the economic instruments, such as water charges, water markets and water buyback, that can be used to protect water basins from overexploitation […]

2015 AERE Awards Program: Carlo Carraro appointed as Fellow of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

Prof. Carraro is the first European economist to have been selected for this significant recognition for his significant contribution to the advancement of the profession of environmental and resource economics. The Awards were announced on June 11, 2016 at the AERE Summer Conference […]

The value of natural capital in Regional climate policies

It’s not only about energy, it spans all over our life. Some comments on how to move from climate policy to action at the Regional level. A video from the magazine Climate Science & Policy […]

Land grabbing: water, energy and food security

It’s a matter of human rights and a source of concern for civil society, NGOs, international organizations and academia. A conversation with Marta Antonelli on large-scale land acquisitions […]

Value of OrientGate climate scenarios recognised by Adriatic Ionian Cooperation Programme

The Adriatic Ionian Cooperation (AIO) Programme 2014–2020 involves 31 regions in four EU countries and four candidate countries. Its draft strategy, published on July 2, 2014, mentions the OrientGate project’s climate change impact scenarios as a valuable resource for the programme […]

Climate and security: new perspectives on addressing climate change

Water scarcity, natural resources and international conflicts. That’s why the climate is not a merely environmental issue. Angela Liberatore opened the SISC Annual Conference […]