Decadal predictability of North Atlantic blocking and the NAO

Decadal predictions are important to study climate evolution on multiannual to decadal timescale. On February 26, 2019, Panos Athanasiadis, CMCC researcher at CSP […]

The CMCC Foundation supports Year of Polar Prediction with the Italian community of PNRA

The Italian National Antarctic Research Programme (PNRA) supports for the first time the Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP) by providing funds to five Italian projects to carry out intensive observational and modelling activities in order to improve prediction capabilities on a wide range of time scales in polar regions. Among the funded projects endorsed by YOPP, INVASI project lead by CMCC scientist Dorotea Iovino. […]

Discovering the Ligurian Sea with MREA18

The campaign designed and coordinated by the Italian Navy Hydrographic Institute in collaboration with CMCC Foundation, University of Bologna, CMRE, CNR-ISMAR. On board of the hydro-oceanographic ship Aretusa, sophisticated tools and devices to collect information on environmental conditions that can be useful to plan and manage operations at sea or to monitor the warming and evolution of our seas […]

Climate change poised to transform marine and freshwater ecosystems

Nearly 60 million people are employed in fisheries and aquaculture. Climate change poses a risk to their livelihoods. A new report FAO presents new research as well as unique synthesis of the most current scientific information on how a changing climate is altering the world’s oceans, lakes and rivers and reshaping the lives of the communities who rely on them. With the scenarios of ocean change provided by the CMCC […]

Antarctic evolution, from the deep past to the future

How will the Antarctic ice sheet respond to global warming? To answer to this question, it’s essential to understand how it has behaved in the past while modelling its future evolution. A review recently published on Nature Communications explore ice-bed-ocean interactions and the interface processes to improve our ability to describe past major changes, constrain Antarctic ice sheet tipping points and assess rates of past and future sea-level changes […]

Ocean: new insights to understand ocean and climate variability

A research that paves the way for the development of a new, more integrated and strengthened ocean forecast capability. A frontier-resolution representation of the global ocean circulation delivered by ROMEO, the new PRACE project coordinated by CMCC researcher Dorotea Iovino, will allow us to advance our knowledge on oceanic mesoscale dynamics and its role in climate evolution […]

Young professionals in the field of operational oceanography

The state, variability and dynamics of the ocean and marine ecosystems for the global ocean and the European regional seas: the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service CMEMS presented by CMCC researchers Gianandrea Mannarini, Rita Lecci and Ivan Federico […]

Post-Doctoral associate positions at New York University – Abu Dabi

Two postdoctoral position for studying ocean dynamics and geophysical fluids dynamics with Prof. Francesco Paparella. A PhD in applied mathematics, ocean/atmospheric sciences or related fields is required. Find out how to apply […]

Copernicus Marine Week

A major event to present Copernicus Marine Service activities and achievements and discuss its future plans. The registration deadline is August 31, 2017 […]

Women of the oceans: Nadia Pinardi among the worldwide excellence

Twenty years ago a new branch of oceanography has been established, that is ocean weather forecasts. Today we can know daily changes in temperatures, currents, waves, sea level. How? With numerical models and field observations. Read the story of Nadia Pinardi, pioneer of current oceanography, in the reportage on D Repubblica […]

Ocean: Nadia Pinardi and the Big Friendly Giant at TEDxBologna

From the insights of Luigi Ferdinando Marsili (1679) on ocean dynamics and currents, to current satellite observations and numerical models. The expected impacts of climate change. The new frontiers of oceanography to study the ocean and use its resources in a better way. The peculiar situation in the Mediterranean area. Sustainable fishery, wind farm offshore, plants to exploit wave and current energy. The talk of Nadia Pinardi at TEDxBologna […]

Second Level Master degree in Meteorology and Physical Oceanography

An advanced preparation in Meteorology and Physical Oceanography. A specific high level training required by environmental agencies, public and private institutions, forecasting and research centers, insurance companies, airport and maritime authorities. An opportunity to receive the certificate of meteorologist in accordance with the World Meteorological Organization […]

World Oceans Day – Climate change: oceans at risk as never before

The increasing rate of ice melting, sea level rise, sea water temperatures. The recent revolution occured in the study of the deep ocean with the use of Argo floats. Simona Masina, oceanographer at the CMCC Foundation, illustrates the current state of the global ocean while highlighting the future challenges due to climate change in an interview at Radio3 Scienza […]

World Oceans Day – Discovering applications and new technologies for the sea

The CMCC Foundation and Links Management and Technology S. p. A. in collaboration with the Ocean Literacy Italia initiative, presents 4 online tools for the sea situational awareness: SeaConditions, Visir®, OCEAN-SAR and WITOIL. Participate to the free web meeting on June 8th, 2017, from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. […]

PhD in Geophysics: the new call is open

The CMCC Foundation funds a grant on oceanography, numerical ocean modelling and ocean circulation dynamics. The deadline of submission is on May 29th, 2017 […]