Progress in Ocean Observations in the Atlantic

The First International AtlantOS Symposium at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris marked the transition from the EU- Horizon 2020 Project AtlantOS to its development into the international All-Atlantic Ocean Observing System […]

The road towards energy transition and sustainable development

What is the influence of institutions and governance on environmental policy, environmental performance, and green investment? And what about the influence of populism and public opinion on environmental policy adoption? A new study on Energy Research and Social Science explores the issue […]

Climate sciences: the Annual Conference launched

The scientific community makes the point on climate change in Bologna at the Annual Conference of the Italian Society for Climate Sciences. With a speech of the European Commission and the participation of Minister Gianluca Galletti […]

Water management: from panaceas to actual solutions

Leading water researchers from Australia, the US and Europe to identify those factors enabling and preventing a successful efficiency-oriented water management. A workshop organized by the CMCC in Venice and broadcasted live via Go-to-Webinar […]

XVI World Water Congress “Bridging Science and Policy”

An event to be held in Cancun, Mexico, linking water professionals and experts working on key global water agendas and strategies. Two special sessions focused on water policy and governance and water security organized by the CMCC Foundation […]

The Role of Regional Governments in Climate Change Policy

No effective implementation of climate policies without a collaboration at different levels of governance. A video from the magazine Climate Science & Policy […]

A Lecture Series on Arctic Climate Change and Governance in the Arctic

Changes in both the natural and political environment of the Arctic are occurring rapidly and the melting rate of Arctic ice is accelerating. Insights from a range of experts in the field. All the contemporary issues related to the Arctic region from the science of what climate change is affecting to the economic and political changes that are now taking route. Watch ICCG the videos […]

The cost of climate change to our oceans

Released the preview summary of Valuing the Ocean, the new study by SEI to understand how climate change affects our oceans and how we could improve ocean governance