How rivers influence the Mediterranean dynamics?

Estuaries, deltas and lagoons: how do they influence the ocean dynamics? Three different approaches tested while developing an interface between estuarine dynamics and regional ocean models. The Ofanto and Po rivers: two case studies to explore riverine freshwater role on the coastal and basin wide processes […]

Extreme events, changes in precipitation and temperature. A new study on Po river basin

How the climate in Po river basin will change in the next decades. Changes in precipitation and temperature, with the frequency of extreme events and a reduction of water availability in summer expected to increase. A study by P. Mercogliano and S. Castellari that can be applied to Italian river basins to prevent the risk of water crisis, to promote hydraulic security and mitigate the potential impacts of future droughts to energy and agriculture sectors […]

Climate change impacts on marine water quality: the case study of the Northern Adriatic sea

Salinity and temperature variation will be the main drivers of changes, together with macronutrients, especially in the area of the Po’ river delta. A Regional Risk Assessment methodology to assess future impacts presented […]

Po river discharge: hydrological simulations under climate change scenarios

The impacts on water availability of climate change on Po River basin. Climate and hydrological projections up to 2100 two IPCC scenarios. A new study on Science of the Total Environment […]

Hydrological simulations and climate scenarios at the basin scale in the Po river, Italy

Variation in discharge in Po river and simulations of its flow from 1971 to 2000. A new paper on the “Red Books” series of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) […]

Data and models for Po river studying

Variation in discharge, precipitation, temperature in Po river and simulations of its flow from 1971 to 2000. Two new research papers by ISC Division […]

Droughts, the case study of the Po river basin

An approach useful to analyze and monitor the temporal evolution of a drought event while performing real time assessment. A new study on Water Resources Research […]