Climate Extremes: a new high-resolution dataset of indices released

From a study recently released, an open access dataset of 71 high-resolution global climate extreme indices at monthly and annual timescales covering the period 1970-2016. A useful tool with many applications, e.g. to assess the impacts of moderate and severe extremes on agriculture, health, energy, and water resources. Explore the new dataset realized within the framework of the ENERGYA project, with the contribution of the CMCC Foundation […]

Water management: innovative ways to assess precipitation distribution

Precipitation has a direct impact on both the ecosystem and the human society, it affects groundwater and reservoirs, and constitutes a major environmental hazard. CMCC researcher Paola Marson presents a new statistical framework able to describe the spatial distribution and intensity of rainfall, especially focusing on mountainous regions. Watch the video […]

Italy 2050, the climate that lies ahead

How much precipitation in the coming decades? How often? What consequences in terms of drought periods and water availability? CMCC researcher Paola Mercogliano illustrates to Ansa the results of CMCC models: we might start to adapt to what it’s currently happening to be ready to address future challenges and realities […]

2014: an unusual, wet, Italian summer

Heavy rainfall that damaged agriculture, affected tourism and overall economy of Italy and the surrounding Mediterranean countries. A study recently published reconstructed those events while trying to understand the physical mechanisms responsible for such abnormal weather […]

Assessing the effect of climate change on geo-hydrological phenomena: the Campania case study

The potential impacts of climate changes on geo-hydrological hazards such as landslide and flood hazards. A study resulting from the collaboration between the Basin Authority of Central Campania and CMCC REHMI Division […]

Extreme events, changes in precipitation and temperature. A new study on Po river basin

How the climate in Po river basin will change in the next decades. Changes in precipitation and temperature, with the frequency of extreme events and a reduction of water availability in summer expected to increase. A study by P. Mercogliano and S. Castellari that can be applied to Italian river basins to prevent the risk of water crisis, to promote hydraulic security and mitigate the potential impacts of future droughts to energy and agriculture sectors […]

Climate-related parameters as proxy for rainfall deficiency and aridity: the case study of Burkina Faso

A methodology for the identification of areas for which extreme climatological conditions may intensify aridity processes and rainfall deficiency. Those two aspects, combined with a potential water demand increase, may favor the intensification of the aridity processes […]

Providing environmental awareness to the urban coasts

Hurricanes, beach erosion, structural damage to big coastal cities, flooding: prof. Alan Blumberg at the CMCC’s Ocean Lab in Lecce to explain how to enhance our resilience to climate change and extreme weather events. Watch the video […]

On the internal variability of simulated daily precipitation

A method to capture the internal precipitation variability. A simulation in a stationary climate with the CMCC-CM coupled general circulation model. A new study on Journal of Climate […]

Heavy precipitation events over the Euro-Mediterranean region in a warmer climate

A picture of a Euro-Mediterranean region with intensifying heavy precipitation events over the majority of land, especially during winter, as confirmed by CMIP5 model projections for the end of the twenty-first century. A new study on Regional Environmental Change […]

Climate change: earlier spring discharge in the main Alpine rivers

A comparison of long-term spring discharge timings over the Alps, analysis of precipitation, and snow-melting data derived from observations. A new study on Science of The Total Environment […]

Effects of climate change on landslides: the Orvieto case study

A detailed analysis of local rainfall history and of monitoring data coupled to high-resolution climate projections provided by the Regional Climate Model COSMO-CLM for two different emission scenarios. A study on Procedia Earth and Planetary Science […]

Tropical cyclone rainfall: future scenarios

Intense precipitation events associated with tropical cyclones in response to a warmer climate and increased CO2. Two studies on Journal of Climate […]

Quantifying the potential effects of climate change on precipitation to reduce urban vulnerability

The rainfall evolution for three African case studies showing future rainfall increase in terms of frequency. A new study on SpringerPlus […]

Climate services for the North Adriatic coastal zone

Video: the North Adriatic case study within the CLIM-RUN project and the development of climate services tailored to coastal zone managers’ needs. Results and methods told by CMCC scientists with a focus on key requirements to mainstream climate change adaptation in the definition of sustainable policies and plans