Antarctic evolution, from the deep past to the future

How will the Antarctic ice sheet respond to global warming? To answer to this question, it’s essential to understand how it has behaved in the past while modelling its future evolution. A review recently published on Nature Communications explore ice-bed-ocean interactions and the interface processes to improve our ability to describe past major changes, constrain Antarctic ice sheet tipping points and assess rates of past and future sea-level changes […]

World Oceans Day – Climate change: oceans at risk as never before

The increasing rate of ice melting, sea level rise, sea water temperatures. The recent revolution occured in the study of the deep ocean with the use of Argo floats. Simona Masina, oceanographer at the CMCC Foundation, illustrates the current state of the global ocean while highlighting the future challenges due to climate change in an interview at Radio3 Scienza […]

Antarctica: ice, climate change and what might happen

The Antarctic sea ice cover have continued to increase despite climate change effects. Nevertheless, Antarctic ice sheet is at risk due to climate change: it doesn’t lose its mass because of surface melting, but by the calving of icebergs at the front of marine terminating glaciers or at the front of the ice shelves. But there’s another additional threats to the future of Antarctica, that is the ocean-induced basal melting of the ice sheets, a process that could cause the fast disappearing of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. The complete melting ice of West Antarctica would represent a global mean sea level rise of about six meters […]

Addressing the impacts of climate change in the Tunisian coastal zone of the Gulf of Gabes

A Regional Risk Assessment methodology focused on sea-level rise and flood impacts for human and natural systems to support the development and prioritization of adaptation strategies

Impacts of climate change on the Venetian Lagoon

Climate change, sea level rise and the importance of coastal wetlands: an webinar to explore how these ecosystems act as efficient barriers to waves and erosion as well as their contribution to mitigating climate change. The example of the Zennare Basin in the Venetian Lagoon […]

Storminess evolution

A study on Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences based on a new set of climate simulations analyzing future changes of storm surge extremes along the Mediterranean coast […]

Safer Transport in the Mediterranean Sea

Event of the EU Maritime days organized by IONIO project Location: MUST Lecce, Italy, 27-28 May 2013 The Live streaming of the Conference […]

Climate services for the North Adriatic coastal zone

Video: the North Adriatic case study within the CLIM-RUN project and the development of climate services tailored to coastal zone managers’ needs. Results and methods told by CMCC scientists with a focus on key requirements to mainstream climate change adaptation in the definition of sustainable policies and plans

The cost of climate change to our oceans

Released the preview summary of Valuing the Ocean, the new study by SEI to understand how climate change affects our oceans and how we could improve ocean governance