Europeans will not be able to live prosperous and healthy lives on a peaceful European continent in 2050 if they don’t reduce by 80% the amount of natural resources used for nutrition, housing, mobility and lifestyle needs. All the results of the #Think2030 new report […]

From Climathon Venice, seven bright ideas for a new waste management. Here the winners

32 participants, seven groups, 24h to win a challenge: to find new and effective methods to reduce, recycle and recover waste in Venice […]

The potential of urban green spaces and strategies for waste management: Climathon Lecce and Venice on the starting blocks

Twenty-four hours to propose solutions for the sustainable development of their own cities and address climate change […]

Methane: all the data of a key factor affecting climate change

It is one of the most important greenhouse gases with even a global warming potential larger than CO2. An international study provides information and data on its increasing concentrations in the atmosphere. Among the authors, CMCC researcher Monia Santini […]

Energy from waste: generation potential and mitigation opportunity

A new study by F. Bosello, L. Campagnolo, F. Eboli, R. Parrado from CIP Division evaluates the role of waste incineration with energy […]

Energy from waste

Waste incineration with energy recovery and landfill biogas in mitigation policies. A paper by CMCC scientists Francesco Bosello, Lorenza Campagnolo, Fabio Eboli and Ramiro Parrado recently published in Environmental Economics and Policy Studies. […]